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Issue with US roaming package: TALK does not work

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I purchased the 10-day US roaming package for: 

talk, text, and data, on Oct 3, 2022

so far, text and data works but not TALK. 

what to do? I have tried restarting my phone. 

I have purchased this package many times before with no issue . 



@darlicious- A customer pasted a private message from an agent saying in no uncertain terms that we can use Verizon. So I keep fishing for customers to give it a go. I highly doubt it but...the agent said!

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Have a read of this post that explains the changes with the decommissioning of the 3G networks in the US. As mentioned by @dust2dust US roaming talk will only currently work with T-Mobile's 2G network if it is available where you are traveling. You can use the link to the network coverage map in the linked post to see what your coverage is for the 2G (GSM) network in your area.



What is this Verizon rumor I've been seeing?


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@Flint1talk with the roaming addon is a sore subject for many these days… for now time to start looking at alternative options.. my 2cents worth....😬

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Did you manually connect to T-Mobile? Or are you on AT&T? Do you know if your phone can use 2G? For bonus points, try to connect to Verizon 🙂 . It might not work.