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Is data prioritized behind TELUS?

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

I've asked a similar question in the past about long distance calls, but this time it's about data. Does anyone know if Public Mobile customers get prioritized for bandwidth access behind Telus and/or Koodo customers?


I ask because sometimes I notice if I'm trying to send a WhatsApp or Telegram message, that it will get stuck trying to deliver it to the server. Or I'll be in the car using Android Auto (off my phone) and the Google Assistant won't respond to me for a few minutes (after several failed attempts), presumably because the data connection is unstable.


To be clear, I'm on a 4G plan and this happens in populated metropolitan areas with full signal. I spend most of my time on Wi-Fi, but the odd time I'm out and about I notice it periodically throughout the day; enough to warrant bringing it up here. Up until 2 years ago I spent the 20 years prior to that with Telus, and I never remember having these issues; certainly not on any sort of semi-conistent basis like now with Public Mobile.


I'm curious what your experiences are. 


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@HALIMACS my search result came back a little bit quicker..   🙂


OMG, hilarious @softech 



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@DennyCrane   there is NO data priority at all.


so, your service is as good as Telus or Koodo or Bell's family (Telus and Bell share infrastructure.)

The only difference could be data speed if you are using 3G speed plan as your speed is capped at 3Mbps 

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I'm sure they'll say,  "no"


But i gather in reality, it's "yes"