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I need to send me again a transfer request of phone number from anther company to Public

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I lost the old SIM before full activation of my public line, the old company created a shortcut , so no need to their approval any more, but I need the request to be sent again


Mayor / Maire


You will need your old SIM from your previous carrier unless your previous carrier is Telus or Koodo which can be done without the old SIM.

If not Telus/Koodo, you need to get a new SIM from them and transfer your old account to the new SIM then contact a CS_Agent to restart the porting process for you.

Mayor / Maire

@Suzanna  You need to make sure old providers account is still active and leave old providers sim card in phone to reply YES. To the confirmation text to port . Will send you the porting team number private message as we not allowed to post it here and they can re trigger the port request for you .

Mayor / Maire

HI @Suzanna 

I'll send you a private message with the porting team number to your mailbox in the top right corner.

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