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How do I get the better plan when I am kinda on it now

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Ok first I am getting a little pissed off with Public screwing me over.

I have been with them for over five years. I pay with auto pay and I have one referral.

On the old rewards plan I would getting a reduction in my bill  of $8.00 a month.

The rewards now get points for about $3.00, my aniversary is coming up again 6 years now not sure if I am getting only 12 points or 24 this year as last year was the first year on the rewards and I only got 12.

Anyway now there is a New $40.00 plan 15 gb and unlimited Canada minutes and Text.

I am on this plan now, BUT I don't get the 3 times the points $6.00 ? I only get $ 2.00.

This makes me so mad , Why do I feel Public just doesn't care about people that have been here for long time.

I want these 3 times the points $6.00 instead of $2, I think Public owes them to me for misleading me into this rewards scam a year ago in the first place.

Any ideas how to get these extra points?


@Bullet77    Sorry to hear you didn't receive the bonus points as promised by CS Agent and while I understand that they shouldn't have mislead you in the first place, I do think they should have offered you some small account credit for having mislead you about the points.  


Absolutely agree that the new points in no way make up for the lost loyalty rewards or autopay discount unless you are on $40+ plan either. 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@dabr  you were right they won't. They promised me the points back in February. They made me wait two weeks and then got nothing. They told me to wait another month, I did . Still nothing and now they are saying I get nothing.WTF.

What really gets me going is they CSR's are saying that both old and the new points rewards are pretty much the same.

That is only partially true, with one exception. your loyality does not grow every 12 months or after 60 months you would get 50 points. I an now 2 year on the new rewards I am not getting (20 points), I am still only getting 10 points yearly. 

@Bullet77   Hmm...interesting that CSA's would do that for you.  Then I think it's only fair that they apply the bonus points rate to all customers who made the error of switching to points and instantly regretted the decision.


Great news. 👍 Did you ask for extra for your troubles? 😉

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@BKNS27  Thanks I contacted a CS Agent and I will be getting the 3 times the points starting Mar 6 /23.

Mayor / Maire



There are big warnings when switching to Public Points that your can't go back. 


It's a one way street move. 


Sorry you decided to make it!

Mayor / Maire


Why did you switch from the old Rewards system (which is better) to the Points system 👎?

You could have switched plan and stay with the old Rewards system.

Unfortunately you can't switch back.

Anyway, what done is done.

I would recommend that you contact a CS_Agent to follow-up why you didn't get the 3X the Points by creating a ticket on SIMon Chatbot (bottom of page) or send a private message (envelope icon above) but I think it is for new members.

Their hours are 6:00am to 10:00pm EST.

Mayor / Maire



3x the points is for New customers only. Unfortunately you switched over to their points system. There is no way to go back to the old rewards system.

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