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Hotspot keeps disconnecting

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I switched over to Public Mobile for better coverage, however the service with hotspot is very inconsistent.

I’ve connected my phone (iPhone 12) hotspot to my laptop on my way from Mississauga to Waterloo, and sitting in Waterloo downtown but it keeps disconnecting and prompting me to put in the hotspot password again. I get about 2-10 minutes of hotspot before I need to reconnect. I also see the white bars under wifi is often less than other wifi in the area. Is this expected behaviour? I never had this with my previous carrier.


Mayor / Maire

@SaqibS No, the hotspot should not be disconnected like that.  

But do you have any issue by using the Mobile data itself?  If you do not experience that when using data, it is just a matter of the setup.


Two  things to do

- Max sure  Maximize Compatibility is enabled (Settings > Personal Hotspot).

- restart both the iPhone and the device connecting to it.


Mayor / Maire

I haven't used the hotspot with PM but every once in awhile have had similar issues (pretty rare) with other providers. Who was your last provider that didn't give you hotspot issues? The good news as already stated it can be resolved by going into your phone settings and making the necessary tweaks! 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

What are the necessary tweaks? My previous provider was Freedom. Their connection and speed was great but coverage was not. I’m having slow speed issues right now even with normal data without hotspot in Mississauga.