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Group SMS

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville



Does anyone use group sms and if so what app do you use? I use and android phone and have trouble using group texts sometime. It's not that it doesn't work; it works perfectly however the conversations do not necessarily stick in a single thread. When someone responds that response becomes a single response not posted to the same group thread that I created. 


Please let me know if I am not explaining myself correctly. I know this is not a new problem, it has been discussed in lot of places (ex: So I just want to get your ideas on how to do it or if there's an efficient way. 


Thank you 🙂 


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville
Thank you. I think this should fix it. I'm gonna wait until several people message me to test this out; but I think this is the issue I am having. 🙂


Check your text message app settings, you probably have group chat disabled or set to receive individual replies. I have used group chat on Google Messages app and it works perfectly fine. 

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