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FREE DATA AND TALK TIME ~ Holiday Specials ~ Plan Add ons

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


~ Holiday Special ~

FREE Data and Talk Time in Add Ons :


I am new to public mobile and was exploring the site and found this special. Have any of you also "purchased" the $0/free data and INTL talk time? You process it like a purchase but the cost is $0. Checked the Community Forums and theres no mention of I thought I would share the find.


  • $0 Free Holiday Giveaway: 500min INTL Long Distance incl CA & US
  • $0 Holiday Giveaway: 2GB add-on



In your Account Overview scroll down to --> My Data & Add ons --> Click on --> Purchase add ons.  You will see an option to add both 500 min INTL Long Distance & 2GB of free data. Select one of each and purchase at $0!!  I saw the free data and minutes applied to my account instantly. 



Loving Public Mobile ❤️ 



@jeanbeans wrote:

It looks like the specials were applied to my account? 

If these are in your account, consider yourself lucky as this was supposed to end on December 31, 2021.  I wouldn't bring attention to this if you're getting more than you're supposed to or receiving a promotion that is supposed to be expired, although this isn't the only case I've read about other members reporting this.

If they were applied to your account...they're available whenever you want to use them Log in to your account My Data and Add-ons to confirm if you hav'em. have them on your account now looks like. Now you have 500 minutes of International Calling to several countrys. As well you have 2GB of Bonus data to use.

As well, you have 500MB + 500MB of regular plan data there too. If you use up that 1GB of data before renewal, then the Bonus data gets used until your next renewal when you get another 500MB + 500MB.

The free Bonus data add-on and free 500 add-on minutes will stay on your account until you use them up...even if that takes several months or longer.

Sweeet deal eh.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

It looks like the specials were applied to my account? This is a copy of what was added to my account. I applied Jan 11th at around 6:00pm


My Data & Add-Ons

Data & Add-OnsAmount Used
$0 Free Holiday Giveaway: 500min INTL Long Distance incl CA & US
0  /  500 MIN
$0 Holiday Giveaway: 2GB add-on
0  /  2048 MB
500MB + 500MB at 3G Speed
5.927  /  1024 MB

Mayor / Maire

Expired !