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Data purchase

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I ran a search on data purchase to find the topic covered but are the responses still valid. The plan that I have right now covers my needs with data to spare. I don’t use the phone or text portion all that much at all. But occasionally, because of where I live, rural, the household internet goes down. The last time was two weeks ago for three days. It happened again today and it might be down for a week this time. Repair guys are backed up. I’m wondering why Public doesn’t offer data (add-on)  in say 1, 5, 10, 25 GB? Certainly, as the previously posted topic (2020) suggested, bump up your plan, but does Public want people flipping back and forth on plans? The reason I switched to Public was the cost. Good plan, cheap. 


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It’s either go on a plan that meets your data needs or a plan that minimally meet your data needs and buy several 1 GB data add ons for emergency use. The add ons do not expire and roll over at renewal until consumed.

Mayor / Maire

It's not a matter of the company wanting people to flip around, it's that you can. But beware that if your original plan is no longer offered then you can't go back to it.

Telus offers something called SmartHub. I don't know if Bell or Rogers do anything similar. And there may be geographic restrictions. I used to have the SmartHub and it was excellent. It's a cell-based service. Not cable, not dsl, not fibre, not satellite.

Public Mobile sells data add-ons for $15 per GB.


This is a bit of a rip-off, in my opinion. But then again it's comparable to cost of data add-ons at other providers and it's also far better than the overage charges (usually around $5 per 100MB) you'll pay when you go over the limit at any other provider.


You can always elect to upgrade your plan to one with more data - and "change plan now" if you need that data immediately. Then retrograde to your normal (cheaper) plan - and "change plan at next renewal". It's probably your most cost-effective option if your data goes down and you can't live without it, there's no additional costs or fees attached to these options. (Although if you currently enjoy a promo bonus on your plan then it might have conditions attached to it which restrict you from keeping it if you change plans.)


I don't think "Public wants people flipping back and forth on plans". I think they want people to upgrade to their highest cost plans and stay there, lol. The problem you describe with your data "occasionally" going down for a week at a time has nothing to do with Public Mobile.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi, I have chosen a plan that suits my needs, I’ve been on it for the past year or so. I do realize I have the option to buy increments of data, as much as I want, @$15 per. When I can buy the next plan up and receive more data than I need normally, for less money. I can easily switch to a new plan, but do not want to be locked in just to ease a temporary situation. Then have to plead my case before a moderator to switch back. 

Locked in? You can just change out to any of the current plans if not the still existing original. There's just the small risk of not being able to go back to the same plan you had before.

At Public Mobile you can switch plans any time you like. You can upgrade, downgrade, go back and forth. There's no costs attached to any of this, although if you switch plans before their (30-day) billing cycle completes then you're wasting money.


If you switch away from a legacy plan - a plan which is now discontinued - then you won't be able to switch back to it. You can always (and only) switch to any of the plans which are currently offered.


Add-ons, Rewards/Points, and Available Funds are attached to the account, not the plan. You won't lose any of them.


There were and are all sorts of "new customer" promos which include conditions about not switching away from the plan if you want to keep getting the promo bonus. But I don't recall any of these lasting longer than 6 months.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Satellite works reasonably well out here. Tried the smart hub, didn’t work. Public/ Telus network runs at one bar. Typing the original post and the replies, I’ve lost the signal three times. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

We’re thinking Star Link now.