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Customer service chat down

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi all,

4 days ago I switched to Public Mobile with the Black Friday. My account is all setup, I can access my account with Public Mobile App. 

But my iPhone can’t connect to the Mobile Phone network. I’m always in SOS mode, no connection.

I did all what the chatbot tells me to do to fix this, but nothing works and it tells me to click Support chat. But when I do that, it load an “error page” that something went wrong and to try again later. But I’ve been trying for 3 days many many times per day and night.  I also tested mutiple times with my boyfriend’s phone (who also transferred To Public Mobile 1 day before I did: his iPhone has great connection, but when we try contacting Public Monile Chat Support with his phone, we get the same error message.

Are we the only ones to experience a down support chat ?  Thanks so much in advance for your help, I’m really stuck here, without phone!


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Try all suggestion on this page if you haven't already: 

The last step listed is to contact carrier, which you can do by using the link posted above to message CS_Agent.

hi @KBelle 

esim, check thebsim manager if esim installed .   If not, sacn the QR code from the Welcome email 

if already installed, make sure it is set as Primary  and Reset all networks 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello @hTideGnow , thanks for your reply!

Both my boyfriend and I have eSim.

ok I will try you link.

Mayor / Maire

@KBelle , did you get an eSIM or SIM Card? If eSIM please try thee steps I did below on my iPhone.

Reboot your phone.

In cellular settings make sure that ‘Turn On This Line’ is selected & reboot your phone. (You may need to reset network settings then reboot)

Mayor / Maire

hi @KBelle did you use physical or esim? if physical sim, try on another phone

but if not work, submit ticket with CS agent using message and they will refresh the account:

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