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Copy of invoice

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin



I was wondering if it is possible to get a copy of an invoice for a payment on my account (top up). I can see the new balance and the transaction in the payment history but no invoice. I looked in my account and can't seem to find it... I also didn't receive one by email when I did the payment... Can someone please help me? Thank you!!! 🙂


Mayor / Maire



Depending on whether you closed the browser page, it may not be too late to get a screenshot of the recent payment.


Just try tapping the back button until you land back to the payment confirmation page, if it's still available, then take a screenshot of that page as a record of the payment.


More generally, as a prepaid mobile provider, Public Mobile does not offer invoices to display payments and charges on their services. While you can request invoices for taxation or business expense reporting, it's not something that's just available through a self serve function.


These invoices usually take a few weeks to be generated and delivered to you via email as a PDF.

Mayor / Maire

Here are instructions in this topic and an example of what you can get from Public Mobile though it may not be exactly what you want. PM being a third tier provider this sort of thing is limited. You would have your statement from however you funded the payment, likely your credit card.



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It’s too late. 


When end you do a top up before you submit hit your enter key. Then you will see the top up amount plus taxes. Print that page. Or print the page after you submit. 

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To get an invoice please send a private message to CS_Agent  and tell them about what you want.

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