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Community earnings

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

How would i know how much i earn from community earnings?


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Another option of keeping track of any community rewards earned is the auto-text message that you receive every month when auto-pay renews your service.

Mayor / Maire

@shubhampatel39 wrote:

How would i know how much i earn from community earnings?

You can find your cumulative earnings by signing into self-serve, clicking on My Rewards.


Scroll to bottom of page and you see a section "Total rewards earned since joining Public Mobile:"


Below that, is a sum of all rewards categories, and the sum total since activation. The Community one is titled "Helping Others".



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@shubhampatel39 wrote:

How would i know how much i earn from community earnings?

So that's been well answered.

Keep in mind that not everyone gets a community reward. It has to be earned. And it's a bit of a competition with nearly everyone else and also the quantity of threads that come and go varies to even post in.

Then resets each month. You have to keep doing it to keep getting a community reward.


But this is a wildly ridiculous waste of time if you're just here for the reward. Most of the regulars like helping people. The reward is a nice little something to get at the end of the month. But it ain't profitable.

There's also the standard joke around here that it's more profitable for time spent to collect and redeem bottle deposits.


@shubhampatel39 , aside from checking your online accounts, each month you will get a badge when the community reward announcement is made.  That badge is indicative of the reward level.  

Mayor / Maire

When you log into your account under awards they will be displayed.