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Clarification Regarding my Add-On Conundrum

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi!  I have purchased Add-On's before and am familiar with the 'How To'  piece of it but my current issue is that I generallyyy do not use all of my 100 phone minutes but due to a series of events recently I have found myself making not only MORE calls but of these calls I've either been on hold ++ minutes (not beneficial to hang up either) or calls involvin long out going msg' s with multiple options etc.   Anyway, all Inwant to do is purchase more local / Non - Long distance minutes but in he Add Ons the losest option to what I need is the $5: Canada unlimited long distance add-on.  Now does this unlimited encompass Local minutes or is it as it suggests Long Distance only?  And if so WHY?  I am NOT in the position to change my plan just to get regular minutes BUT in dire straights for these minutes as I NEED to make outgoing calls of a time sensitive nature.   I simply CANNOT stress enough that I need my phone and have no additional funds until early in the week but again NEED to make connections!    Please advise.... Anyone... Help 😉    

Thank you in advance


Mayor / Maire



Best I can recommend is to download a VoIP (free internet calling) service like Fongo so you can wait on hold so long as you have an internet connection.


Otherwise, your only option is to move up in plans or get the 500 Canada-wide Minutes for $5 add-on.  This add on can be used to call any Canadian number, while you're anywhere in Canada.


Remember, this add-on never expires so they'll remain on account until consumed.



Mayor / Maire

Your only add on option with PM is the 500 Canada Wide Minutes for $5. 


Keep in mind on PM. 

1. Your call will drop/disconnect after 90 minutes. 

2. A call to an 800 number will not count against your 100 minutes. 


What I have, only because I had funds in my balance, is a account with the Zoiper app on my phone and that will allow me to call for peanuts "over wifi only" for an unlimited time and can be set to longer if I like. Once again 800 calls are free.  And I have it set up that the caller ID is my PM number. Actually I have it set up for 3 options....caller ID to my PM#, Wifes PM# and our Home#. 


If you don't want to go that route then look at a free voip App like Fongo...calls in/out. Texts in free -- out at a cost. 


edit: When calling your internet provider they sometimes do a remote reboot of your router and you lose your voip make sure you tell them if they reboot to call you back at xxx-xxx-xxxx. 


edit2: 1 cent a minute for a prepaid plan is very cheap. Some other plans charge 10-50 cents a minute. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank u for the rapid response. So does that mean the 500 minutes will let me make local calls?  I rarely call long distance as all my peeps phone me... Hahaha ( they used to my current phone status but whatever). I am in a terrible situation of where the girl I sublet from got evicted which means I go also and I literally have no means to upgrade my plan as funds have to go elsewhere.   If this is the case then I say " shame on Public Mobile " for making a FORCED plan upgrade when the only reason I itilize this is due to unfortunate life stuff and I really take exception to sites or set ups like th mo affordable plan is obviously DUE TO the individual having no other option but THAT ONE!!   

Yes, @TJ71 


The add-on allows local calls AND long distance calls.


(EDIT:   as i wrote earlier, so long as you're calling from WITHIN Canada, you can call ANY OTHER Canadian phone number.)

@HALIMACS wrote:

Yes, @TJ71 


The add-on allows local calls AND CANADIAN long distance calls.


Paid outgoing rate is a 1/2 cent US$ per minute. 


Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 6.04.04 PM.png

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I realize that u are only the messenger but let me say this.... I will LEAVE  Public Mobile (which I have actually been bragging up) BUT I won't do so QUIETLY  I'll tell you that much!   


Thank you for the insight regarding 'Holds' and consumption of minutes.  It's only due to this chaotic month but right now I have much greater things that require my time and efforts but will definitely explore when I have a chance.  


Thank you once again for the feedback.  Appreciate your efforts.  Not appreciating My Public Mobile though if I lose 3 or more days trying not find a place to rent in cold November all because they want to 'Cash In' on My Misfortune.  Booooooo

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks.. It truly is an isolated incident hut aggravating all the same.  


Guess I will try the $5 / 500 minutes ( my mistake for citing unlimited). My head is elsewhere as I have lots on the go due to this Unforseen event. Ugh!   


Anyway,  I appreciate all efforts to assist me but I need to get the add on in place and finish my follow up / search for rental.. 



Thanks again. Cheers


The $5/500min add on may seem confusing that it's long distance but in reality it's Canada wide anywhere in Canada whether it's across the street or across the country.


The suggestion to download the free fongo app can be immensely helpful to no only check voicemail but to use when you know you may be on hold for awhile so you are not wasting precious outgoing minutes when you don't have to. Keep in mind that fongo not only works on wifi but mobile data as well. (0.5mb=1min/250mb=500min)


The cut off time for pm is 150 min not 90 min as stated by @CountyDownIeUk just so you are aware of the correct timing.


If you happen to be in the lower mainland I could possibly help you with your search for accommodation. Private message me if that is the case.