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Changing Plan Mid-Cycle

Mayor / Maire

Who keeps deleting my post?!  This is the 3rd time I'm posting it. It keeps mysteriously disappearing! Robot Mad  no longer an issue... move on Robot Happy


I've ran out of data, and want to change my plan to the $40 for 4.5GB one. I want to do a plan change now, instead of waiting until my renewal date of October 8th.

Here's the question...

Since I have $25 $15 in rewards (switching from 90 day plan to 30), do I top my account up with $15 $25, or the full $40?  It appears the system wants me to top up with $40. I don't want to do two multiple transactions since I only get 12 per month with my Visa Debit card. Does someone know if I put $15 on my account if the extra $25 will come from my credits?


@ShawnC13 I think you're right... sometimes a glitch, so I logged out, logged back in, and it worked. I also posted it in a different category, so I'm not sure what was the solution. But you're right... nobody deleted my message, unless you or one of the other oracles have a personal vendetta against me?! Robot LOL


Thanks also for your answer (re: rewards applying on renewals).



Did you try to edit the post that got deleted?  I ask because from my personal experience, if you make a post and quickly make some edits, the system seems to treat each as a brand new post and that it's impossible for a human being to be posting 3 message in less than 30 seconds (or a similar amount of time).  I beleive it's some type of spam filter and there's an on-screen message saying that your post will need moderatoration before being posted.  No one will ever look at your message and will seemlingly just vanish from the discussion boards.  I am wondering if that's what happened to you.

That's exactly what I did @computergeek541. Made two edits within 30 seconds. Noticed a spelling error, fixed it, then edited again to add some italics. When I did that, that's when it disappeared. This happened twice, so I'm guessing I did edits on the 2nd post as well. Good to know for future reference, so thank you for sharing your experience! Robot Happy

Mayor / Maire

An update to this thread...

So it turns out that my $15 in rewards were used anyway when I did Change Plan Now. I topped up $40 (thinking I had to), and after changing plans there was a $15 balance. It's possible, however, that the system would of denied me if I only had $25 in my account. As you can see from this graphic, when I clicked Top Up Your Account, it populated the correct amount of $40 and added the appropriate tax. If I had a normal credit card (not a Visa debit) I would have attempted $25 first, then added the extra $15 if I had to. Either way, next payment will be $15 less, except the credit will sit there for 30 days. Robot wink


Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 6.57.46 PM.png

Thanks for the update and that money only sites for 30 days now so easy better than 90


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