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Changing Phone Number on Public Mobile Plan

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

My friend "Mike" has a limited time Public Mobile phone plan that is not available anymore, and he no longer needs it.

I am using Public Mobile and have one of the standard plans. 

How can I take over my friend Mike's plan while maintaining my phone number?


I attempted to do this: On Mike's Public Mobile self service access, he went to "Plan and Add-Ons"; he then proceeded to "Change Phone Number"; and now there is two options "Select a new phone number" or "Transfer a wireless or wireline number from another provider". I don't think I am able to change the number on my friend's plan to mine from these given options.


Mayor / Maire


Is your friend porting out the phone number or just abandoning it? The rumour mill highly depends on pm keeping both accounts as active customers then it is considered on a case by case basis. YMMV of course.

Mayor / Maire

The only way is for you to port out to somewhere else and then port into that account. The company will not move numbers from one account to another. Although rumours abound along with YMMV.

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