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Changed plan didn't take effect.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

On August 21st I put in for a plan change at the end of the cycle. The plan didn't take effect and now the plan I signed up for is no longer available. HELP PLEASE!




I agree, the new portal is, in not all but many ways, not "new and improved". So many glitches that should just not happen (anymore).


I assume it's "easier" to not admit officially to things that go wrong unless they absolutely have to?

@wetcoaster   Good to hear you did get the scheduled plan change, even if  through extra effort via customer support which, obviously, should never have been necessary in the first place.  


I do think this was messed up probably due to the changes made with the updated self serve account, however, PM should have posted an announcement, at a minimum, once it became clear that customers were not seeing their scheduled plan details anymore. 


yes and no... 😉


Lessons learned from the past couple of days (it was actually closer to a week):

- it's highly unlikely that the plan change would have actually happened by itself as there apparently was no trace of it on the back-end

- "first level" (for lack of better description) CSA have to escalate claims like mine, no-go without a screen shot

- findings of the department the escalating ticket was submitted to would likely not have been in time for renewal this up-coming night

- I have been helped to my satisfaction by a "second level" CSA on a one-off basis

- note to self: never do a plan change without screen shot ever again! 😉

Mayor / Maire

@PostPunk   PM has confirmed that any scheduled plan change for the discontinued $55/20GB plan (if scheduled before it was discontinued) will be honoured and customer support will apply the change if needed.


@wetcoaster  Has you plan change happened yet?


edit:  @PostPunk   Actually, you could also try to clear cache/cookies and use incognito mode or refresh the self serve account page by clicking the refresh option bottom right of the page, as you could be seeing a cached version of your plan details.  Otherwise you'll need to contact support by submit a ticket via chatbot here:

Mayor / Maire

Open a ticket with the CSA. 

Since you have a screenshot of your scheduled plan change it should be fairly easy for them to help you out.