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Change provinces and tax charges

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

How can I change my living providence from Ontario to Alberta? And also changing the tax charge. @CS_Agent


While @Chalupa_Batman 's suggestion can change your address on PM's system, it WON'T help to change the tax

Tax charged on your acocunt is based on the phone number you have and NOT based on your address on the file. So, if you are keeping your Ontario phone number, PM will keep charging you Ontario rate.  You have two choices if you want to take advantage of the lower AB tax rate:

  1.  You can keep your Ontario phone number, buy vouchers from local store and load the voucher using *611 or My Account.  Tax will be charged at the points of sales with AB rate
  2. Change your phone number from Ontario to an AB number.  You will then be charged the AB rate.  To change phone number, login to My Account, go to Profile page, click the pencil beside your phone number, then pick a new number by choosing Alberta as the province

Mayor / Maire


To do so you'd have to change your mailing address in your profile. 

Log into your account the go to Profile, then you'll see a pencil beside your name? Click on that and you can change it in the next screen and save. Consider it done. However it may take up to 72 hours or so to update. So it may miss your next billing cycle. Hope this helps.

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