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Change plan on renewal date not working.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin



For the past two months now I have been scheduling the plan change from the $55/month 20Gb plan, to the $40/month 15Gb plan - for whatever reason, both attempts at scheduling the plan change have failed. I would select the option to change my plan immediately, but due to prior experience I have learned that account bonuses/discounts are not applied when choosing that option.


Unfortunately I have now overpaid twice, for a total of $30+tax, and knowing this it seems like it would have just been cheaper to always use "change plan immediately"


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Yes I have refreshed the page. I will reach out to support and hopefully this can be resolved.



whatever you do, do not do an immediate plan change.


When you do that, you not only forfeit your rewards for the immediate change, but you also lose out on whatever’s remaining of your existing cycle, as there are no prorations or refunds.


Before scheduling a plan change, make sure you’re logging in from a desktop or laptop computer and when you schedule the plan change, log out and log back in to see if it is still scheduled for the next renewal. When you see it there, take a screenshot of it for proof that it is in effect.


There’s no reason the plan change should not occur on the next renewal. 


Confirm on your payment card that the amount on the next renewal was the changed plan value and then log into self-serve and refresh the screen using the little circular refresher icons on the page and you should see your plan details correctly display the changed plan.

Mayor / Maire

@cgrey  good idea to not change immediately as you already know , but have you clicked the refresh button in the pic to be certain the change hasn’t taken place ? … also if you have been over charged reach out to support . Let them know what’s going on about plan change and they can fix that for you also 

Mayor / Maire

@cgrey  Check your account for available funds also you may have been credit it … otherwise you can ask support for a exception in you case doesn’t hurt to ask if you over paid 

Getting support / submit ticket


  • Get support by starting a conversation with virtual Chat box /SIMon. Click here                 


Or while your already here and logged in the community


  • you can send a private message   To CS_Agents by clicking here.


  Watch for reply top of page to the

   Right ( envelope image )




also not sometimes your credit card can she two charges for the same charge one pending the other listed if that’s the case the pending one should fall off 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have been scheduling the plan change for my next billing cycle - this has failed two months in a row. I have not attempted an immediate change as this has led to billing credits not being applied in the past.

Mayor / Maire

@cgrey  Try this first and if you changed plan immediately the rewards won’t apply until next renewal 

Try again  incognito mode/private mode or a different device or lap top or simply try refreshing the page when logged in



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