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Cellular data on my phone

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi, I have an iPhone 11 and I used the phone without a plan but just with wifi. Now I have public Mobil and I realized something. You know under “cellular data” I am sure a lot of people turn most of the apps off to avoid using data. But because I used my phone just through wifi before, I didn’t see a lot of apps that I have on my phone under “cellular data” list. The only way they show up (so that I can turn them off) is when I use my data. For example I turn my data on and I use Skype. That’s the only way it shows under “cellular data” list so that I can turn off. But it takes my data when I do that. Is there any way I can make them appear under cellular data list without turning data on?

thank you in advance


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


yes under cellular data list which app you will use keep it on
app not like to use on cellular data turn off,
also turn off all app background, to you not run out data and you don't know where is it.

Mayor / Maire

All my Apps show in Cellular with Wi-Fi and data OFF. 

Suggest you first reboot

If that does not work then back up phone on iTunes on a computer, then do a full reset on phone, then restore  the phone from iTunes. 

Not all APPS show, but of the ones that show, I turn on safari, iMessage, mail and find my iPhone. 

And make sure all refreshes are set up to refresh on wifi only.