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Cancel phone service

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Must cancel service to teens' phone but do not have access to public mobile account.. Payments from my Visa debit


Mayor / Maire


You can call 1-855-4PUBLIC and put a pause on the payment on the teen’s phone but you will need the PIN. The account will be closed after 90 days for nonpayment.

Otherwise, you a dispute the charge but this will cause an issue with the teen’s future service with PM. They will need to pay with vouchers for a year.

Mayor / Maire

hi @AnnetteDalsin 

was the account under your name?? if it is, you can submit ticket with PM agent by message and ask them to help to get access back or remove credit card:

f it was not under your name, your only choice is to call your back and make a charge back, but that would stop the service immediately and trouble to resume it back

Mayor / Maire

@AnnetteDalsin   Assuming you didn't port your teen's number to another provider, which would automatically close the account, since you can't log in then submit a ticket to customer service at the chat icon bottom right of this page.

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