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Can't see my plan related details on my account

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Anybody else experiencing this issue?


I am not being able to see my plan details. Every time I click on the 'Plan details ' I see an error as below.


"Oh no!

It looks like something went wrong, but don’t panic


Log out and then log back in again to continue. Or return to the Login Page.."

Even after I return to the login page, I see the same error.




Mayor / Maire

@MONA2050    Sounds like PM's recurring website glitch unfortunately.  Wait an hour or so before retrying to log into your account.  Also clear your browser cache/cookies and use incognito/privacy mode or another browser before another attempt.

Mayor / Maire

@MONA2050   Look like a problem of the day  🙂


Try to use a different browser (Edge/Firefox/Chrome), Try Incognito mode, Try clear cache and reboot. Try to access My Account from another device


Of course, if none of the work, you will need to wait couple hours for PM to fix the problem

Mayor / Maire

@MONA2050 - if seems to be working fine for me right now. Could be a try again in 5-10 minutes situation.