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Calling Italy from Canada

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have over 900 minutes in my international calling that were given to me as a bonus and now I go to use them to call Italy which is one of the countries included in the list of countries you can call but the call won't go through.  Why?


Mayor / Maire


What's the area code* you are trying to dial? We can try test calling a random number in the area code to see if it goes thru? Many countries will have a small segment of phone numbers from specific area codes or exchanges that will not complete because the provider of those numbers does not have access agreement with pm/telus.


* the first 4 or 7 digits after "39" would be helpful.

@hTideGnow- lol Lots of area codes that have a leading zero. As I said, "the leading zero". Singular.

As I often ask...did you try any? I did. I tried the restaurant first without the leading zero and it rang through. I tried with the leading zero and got an 8UV1. Not even the Public recording that I usually get.

Hi @dust2dust not sure about lots of leading zeros, I see those area codes all have one leading zero.   I checked  couple sites confirmed no need to drop the zero from the area code 



Which plan are you on?   Any chance, the $15.00 plan?   If so, might you have possibly used up your 100 outgoing calling minutes during any cycle, after which the outgoing calling would draw upon from your Holiday bonus allotment.


It's a possibility for those who make regular outgoing calls on the $15.00 plan.

Hi @debramorris try a different Italian number 


Also, include 0 in the area code, do not drop it, example. 011 39 0571 123456


I attempted to call a restaurant near Florence. I did not get the Public recording saying I couldn't. It rang. I didn't let it complete. I have the freebie add-ons.

I'm thankful for free things from my provider. Free things are never a joke.

Adding - looking at lists of area codes in Italy I see lots of leading zeros. Drop the leading zero.

Adding more - I did not see the response below as I wrote the above.

@hTideGnow- I don't think that's correct.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Have not used any of my minutes 1st time I am trying to call an international number which is normally a straight forward process but as I am learning but not with public mobile 

@debramorris no joke.  It works 


The site has some cache issue and you might not see the correct minutes left.  Please login My Account using Incognito mode again to confirm how many minutes left.  Maybe you used up??

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I know how to call by using 011 and the 39 etc.  the call just win't go through and yes I did reboot my phone and left it turned off for a couple of minutes still no luck.  Thinking these bonus minutes that were given to me are a joke.

Mayor / Maire

hi @debramorris yes, Italy is part of the Holiday Long Distance add-on countries.  You ever use it to call Italy before? Try reboot the phone once 


remember to dial 011  and then 39 for italy




@debramorris how you make the call to Italy? What number sequence you use?

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