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Mayor / Maire

How do you suspend an account in the NEW Redesigned Self-Serve?


When I highlight the Lost/Stolen dropdown menu, I am presented with a prohibited Ø symbol under my cursor and cannot click it.


BTW, I was doing this at 4 am on the account Renewal date, between 12 AM and 6 AM when PM does their account updates. I have never been prevented from suspending my account, even on the Renewal day. This BUG on the site needs to be fixed.


Sorry, I should have been more precise... it does not give you access on the Renewal Date, as is my case. BUT it used to without issue, prior to the site redesign. I've updated my description above.

Mayor / Maire

Hi @pm-smayer97 - glad you found a work around. That link doesn't work for me..because it is bring me to a regular Chrome tab. But since the upgrades My Account has been working best for me in incognito mode. Public Mobile should post this somewhere about this finicky issue..😐


Under the "Profile" section here:



When I click "Report Lost / Stolen Phone" I get the below option:



But that is as far as I want to go..does this not happen for you?


I am in My Account through incognito mode. Try the incognito mode way and see if it works for you.


Mayor / Maire

I found a work around....


Bookmark the following link:


When you are logged into Self-Serve, you can simply use this link to bypass this prohibition and still suspend your account! This is clearly a BUG given that it is still possible to perform this with the work-around.


BUT others should also report this BUG so it is corrected.

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