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Anyone using 4G flip phone

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I don't see any on the VOLTE supported list. My uncle prefers flip phones and will need to upgrade when 3G gets shut down. Are there any that are compatible with PM?


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

My father uses a cat ss22 flip on telus and it works fine mind you it's a little heavy for a phone. PM being on telus network should work fine. The plan he's on is $100 a year unlimited talk and text.

Hey @smurfit 

I had a flip phone for the first 3 years of being here on PM. Then I got a data plan and moved up to an iPhone. I had the Kyocera DuraXE E4710 and loved it. Great phone. Took a lickin and kept on ticking. Calls were crisp and clear. Now, this may sting a little...  a brand new one is around $200 or less on Fleabay. We had these at work, hence the reason why I got it. Might want to check Kijiji for cheaper.  

hi @smurfit  i can confirm only whitelisted phones are guarantee to have VoLTE.  Some non-whitelisted phones  work couple days and  went back to 3G

Yes, i have experience 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Hi. I am hoping to get some replies from any actual 4G flip phone users to confirm that something actually works with VOLTE on public mobile. There is nothing mentioned on the supported whitelist page. I know how to search with google and can see that there are a few models available that support 4G LTE and VOLTE. That doesn't mean that they will work on public mobile. Even if the do work, they may just be falling back to 3G. 

HI @funpig1 

that's good your dad has a good and cheap plan 

And Telus is more open with VoLTE.  With PM, even you can find a 4G VoLTE flip phone, it likley won't work in PM at the moment


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@smurfit @hTideGnow  My Father-In-Law still has an ancient 3G flip phone on a discounted $10 Telus talk plan. Last month, Telus added a $3 3G user add-on fee.  Telus was trying to encourage my father-in-law to switch to a more modern phone. I contacted Telus and was able to get Telus to waive the $3 fee because he is 85 years old with bad eyesight. So, he has a reprieve until they shut down 3G.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@smurfit  Just google VoLTE or 4G flip phone. ($58) and have a few models. Good luck.

Mayor / Maire

HI @smurfit 

at this moment, no need to worry about 3G shutdown.  It was supposed to be end of 2025, but another member who works in the industry confirmed the date will be delay

and by the time they shutdown 3G , I am sure PM will allows most phone to use VoLTE, especially those 4G Flip phones that they are selling 

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