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60GB 5G Plan Showing Incorrectly / Not Showing Up under 90-Day Subscription?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I understand there is a promotion going on right now for  $34/month 50GB 5G 90 Day Plan (see attached).


This plan does not show for me. I only see the 30 day options but no 90 day options? Is this promotion only available to certain customers? I am in Ontario. 

This is what I see:My OptionsMy Options










When I try to change to one of the available plans, for example the $40 60GB  5G plan, there is no option to "Save" with a 90 day subscription. There is only the monthly option. See below.

No 90 Day OptionNo 90 Day Option


I would like to switch to the 60GB 5GB plan on a 90-day subscription (I am assuming on the 90 day subscription, it comes to around $34/month instead of the posted $40/month). Is this plan on available on a 90 day subscription?

Is anybody else having this issue?


HI @AmazingFinance1 

sorry, not all plans have 90 days option.  the $40-60GB does not have that.

So, if you want to save, get the $40-50GB and get it for $34x3 on 90 days, or if you want more data, then only $40-60GB with no further discount

@AmazingFinance1   90 day option not available for the 60GB 5G plan

If it doesn't say it within the box for that specific plan then it doesn't have a 90 day option.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks for pointing that out.

I am more interested in the 60GB 5G plan, is the 90 day option not available for the 60GB 5G plan?
Right on top of the plan it says "Save More with a 90 Day Subscription" so that is why I am asking.

Mayor / Maire

HI @AmazingFinance1 

you clicked wrong.  There are two $40 plan and You clicked the $40 for 60GB

click on the $40 for 50GB and then choose 90 days


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