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Re: Advice/opinions about my plan please

@smannen wrote:

I know about the cost difference and the plan difference and weighing the pros and cons is tough. Once it's gone, it's gone for good.


I don't steam videos etc.


5G is coming soon. Is 4G worth keeping now for the future?


Why should I pay $111 now if I'm downgrading my plan on autopay?

It is because downgrading the plan can cause auto pay issues.  If you pre top up the $111, the downgrade on renewal will not fail and cause a service disruption.  You will end up with funds in the account for future renewals.  Alternatively, you can contact the moderators and tell them to assist in the downgrade.  

Mayor / Maire

Re: Advice/opinions about my plan please

I let my grandfathered plan shut down and grabbed a new plan... upgraded Province-wide to Canada-wide, downgraded Data from 4G to 3G, lowered the Plan cost from bill from $30 to $25.


Capped data performance never bothers me. It's enough for YouTube/Netflix (at 1080 most times, at 720 some times if bad service area), it has no real impact on my music, browsing, email, and gps stuff. I use desktop/laptop on broadband when real data performance (and real data capacities) are needed, anyhow.


I can't imagine why the performance advantage of LTE vs 3G is so "golden" when, realistically, if you actually need and use that performance advantage you'll burn through your whole GB in just one or two hours. So I didn't treasure my 4G enough to stay with a lesser plan which costs more. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Advice/opinions about my plan please

I would switch. $111 vs $25 is a pretty big difference.

Honestly, the 3G doesn't bother me, but I'm on wifi so often it really isn't a big deal. I'm able to look things up on the go, which is why I have data.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Advice/opinions about my plan please

I would just go for it it will be way cheaper and I hope that doesn’t happen again