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SMS Notification for Autopay Error

Hey Community,


Starting August 18th, 2020, we will be sending out SMS notifications for Autopay failures to keep customers informed while we work on fixing any preventable issues that may be causing these failures. We saw a lot of demand for this feature, and are excited for this new addition. We will still be sending out the existing account suspension SMS - more details listed below. 


What to expect: 


For customers who have Autopay set up, if for some reason, an Autopay transaction doesn’t go through, Public Mobile will now send an additional SMS on top of the existing account suspension SMS to the phone number on that account:


  1. New: SMS notifying the account owner of the Autopay error. This SMS will provide the reason for the failure, and instructions for making a one-time payment and resuming Autopay on the next renewal cycle.


  • Example: “Public Mobile msg: We tried to process your Autopay renewal but something went wrong due to a temporary system error. Please make a one-time payment at *611 or Autopay will resume on your next renewal.”


  1. Existing: SMS notifying account suspension. (Note that a customer who made a one-time payment after receiving the first SMS will still receive this message. They can just ignore this message.) 


  • Example: “Public Mobile here. Your plan did not renew because we did not receive your payment. Make a payment at If you have recently made a manual payment, please ignore this message."


At Public Mobile, we value your feedback greatly. Let us know what you think about this new feature in the thread below 🙂 


- The Public Mobile Team

Mayor / Maire

Re: SMS Notification for Autopay Error

Great idea. @Catherine_T  couldn't you make the last message be the normal payment thankyou message.  Stay safe,.

Mayor / Maire

Re: SMS Notification for Autopay Error

A step in the right direction. Now we need to have a 3 day grace period or the option to have autopay do its magic 3 days before its due. Give people more time to fix the issue before losing their service.


Re: SMS Notification for Autopay Error

@RobertQc   both those ideas were suggested by oracles when we were given the heads up  of the change.  but i would also suggest that actually fixing the autopay failing issue would be a better resolution.  mindyou there is no fix for expired cards.

Mayor / Maire

Re: SMS Notification for Autopay Error


Y'know...taking money is the primary reason of existence for a company. When customers are willing to give you their money...the company should never fail at doing so (other than customer error/oversight).

So instead of being certain that a payment card charge is bulletproof (other than customer error/oversight), you'll send a text saying that for some unknown bullet-riddled reason, we didn't take your money. Please try again to give us your money. Because apparently we're not very good at it. Embarrassing.

Fix. The. Problem.

Then you won't have to send out these embarrassing texts saying that your money-taking system failed.


Now...customer errors/oversights on the other hand...that would be much more helpful. As much detail as possible. And for heavens sake, get rid of the apt# field.


There. There's what I think of this new feature.

Mayor / Maire

Re: SMS Notification for Autopay Error

@Catherine_T Thank you very much. This is a very useful and essential feature for the service. This should decrease the number of questions about failed Autopay or Expired plans while on Autopay.


Re: SMS Notification for Autopay Error

There is no substitute for fixing the root of the problem with the renewal system.  Those who experience autopay failure due to no fault of their own should be afforded a continuation of service for 48 hours (i.e., moderator interaction time) to allow for an intervention to restore the affected account to active status.  This is an equitable solution.

Mayor / Maire

Re: SMS Notification for Autopay Error

"mindyou there is no fix for expired cards."


Noone was expecting a fix for expired cards. Expired cards is not even an issue as it is the responsibility of the customer to update their card when a new card is issued.


Trying to update the card with a new card and having the system lock out the customer is also another issue that needs to be fixed.

Mayor / Maire

Re: SMS Notification for Autopay Error




Who said anything about expired cards?

The rest...absolutely.


Funny. I interpreted that line as simply saying that there is no way to fix that problem. Not that it should be fixed. That's why I overlooked it. 🙂

Mayor / Maire

Re: SMS Notification for Autopay Error

@Catherine_T   While the new SMS message to customers might be helpful in notifying them of an issue with the payment not going through, I also think the service shouldn't get suspended and having a day or two of grace period to allow both the customer and PM to fix it, especially given that most of the time, it seems, that it was PM's payment system at fault.


Also is there a reason why the wording for the message customers currently see when renewal is happening can't be changed from the current ones of expire/suspended etc, unnecessarily alarming some customers.  Why not just a simple message stating that the account is going through renewal?

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