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Mayor / Maire

Re: Public Mobile is overstating my data use by 10x

@srlawren wrote:

@z10user4 wrote:


Can you call out?

Can another phone call in?

Can you text out?

Can another phone text in?


Did you try the airplane mode flip and then look at your data on the self-serve?

@z10user4 out of curiosity, what does their abiltiy to do calls or texts have to do with their perceived data usage issue?


@adminpfc try keeping an eye on it a few more days and update us.

 @srlawren: There have been the odd service confusions whereby people inadvertently take over someones number and services. So I was fishing for whether all those services were working fine for him. And if they weren't then there was the chance that someone had taken over their number and was even using some of their data.

I'm quite sure something on their phone is taking a little data and that also the cell data service grabs a little buffer and that it needs to be released to see a real usage.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Public Mobile is overstating my data use by 10x

I was able to connect with a moderator and my phone settings needed to be adjusted by them because it was continually pinging the network.  So its fixed now. In the last week I used 1/4 of the data from the 1st day.

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