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plan price

i dont understand why im paying 32$ plus tax for a plan with no data just unlimited texr and talk , when clearly base on your web site i should have this plan at 20$ months , i started with this public mobile a 20$ months , i have less and less service and the price keeps going up , i want to pay the price you a advertising at and not a penny more , i will take this issue to better business bureau if i have to , please respond ASAP

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: plan price

@FLYMOM Well, lots of information missing here. What plan are you on? Sounds like you have been with Public Mobile for a while so you should know that if a new plan comes along at a cheaper price you do not automatically get that new plan, you have to manually switch to it.


So, all you have to do is login to your accunt and change plans to the one that is listed. 

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Re: plan price


Hi..the unlimited talk/text plan is 25$ it possible when you picked your plan you used the build your plan feature?? Doing it that way ends up being 35$..

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Re: plan price

@FLYMOM, if you're a legacy customer, your original plan(s) have been increased previously, and still, have access to voice support via dialling 611.  Note, this is only if you're still on a legacy plan (prior to Jan 2015) and have not signed up or changed plans after Jan 2015.  The notices for these previous increases have been announced in the past in the Announcements board and were sent to legacy customers via SMS messages.


If you are a legacy user, please call the 611 services, and speak with a rep to change to the in-market plans.  You will be asked to verify you understand that you'll be losing telephone support via 611 voice services and switching to the Community Forum support services that the various users here are using.


If you are not a legacy user, then you have the ability to change your plan via self-serve at any time.

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