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Nice that we were included!!!

Mayor / Maire

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Mayor / Maire


We get a bonus 5gb data add on too....if you are on a $25+ plan.





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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Meh, whenever I see corporations promoting any green initiatives it just screams "Virtue Signaling for public goodwill", and really just comes down to advertising their brands for more profits. People really are suckers for having their heartstrings pulled. All corporate "goodwill" is done to gain more profits. Bottom line.

True enough that most of these gestures are probably more of a PR move by big corporations especially, however, doing something beneficial, even if the intent is for their bottom line, is still better than doing nothing.  JMO..

Mayor / Maire

But there are only Telus frog and Koodo frog... where is the PM froggie? 🐸



Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@softech wrote:

But there are only Telus frog and Koodo frog... where is the PM tadpole🐸



Fixed that for you. 😁

Think about it. Who takes claim, who does the rah rah, who looks like the good citizen? Who pays for the tree?