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Has anyone seen/taken advantage of the crazy Koodo offer at Mobile Klinik's in Ontario??!?

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Apparently there is currently a black Friday BYOD promo going on in store at select Mobile Klinik's in Ontario through Koodo - I just searched Mobile Klinik in the community and haven't seen anything recent so I apologize in advance if someone brought this up already in the last couple of days but.......


You can either get a 20GB or 25GB plan which regular price is $55 for 20GB and $60 for 25GB, but for a limited time you can get the 20GB for 30 and the 25 GB for 35


Apparently it is a 20 bill credit a month for 15 months and you also get another additional 5 bill credit for 24 months. You also get a 100 credit to use in Mobile Klinik stores.


Just wanted to see if anyone has heard (or better yet) jumped on board with this and wanted to see their experience. That is an unbelievable deal for 15 months anyways. I would imagine that the $40 for 15GB PM plan will be long gone by early 2024 but one could milk this Koodo deal until then which for many would be better than the current PM promo (a few of the lifers on the old plan who maximize their rewards could get it around this) but most wouldn't and then when it jumps back up in price you can see the best deal PM has and hop back on board (once again for the people who are on the new rewards, as old rewards peeps may not be worth it if they plan to be on for life and PM sticks around that long)


Very enticing offer to say the least.


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Maybe but I can't see it being anymore than PM would and even if that were the case I had 3G until earlier this months so don't think it would be a big deal and Id be hard pressed to come anywhere near running out of data.

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all of these fees are waived and its BYOD so you can bail once the price jumps back up

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that $55/unlimited plan is obviously throttled after a certain amount of gigs used

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Sounds good. But I'm a redflag dealer. Presently sitting on 3 Fido tablet plans that now total $1.35 a month for 12 gigs tablet data due to special deals that come up for frequent fliers. Goes great with my $10 P.M. plan

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Alot more people would hop on if it was going to stay at these promo price forever... They want people to forget and not pay attention and end up paying the higher price in X months without noticing 😕


I saw this ad at wow mobile today.  That $55/GB plan looks very enticing.  I don't need that much data, so I think I will stay the course.  



wow mobile.jpg


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@JL9 wrote:
...for a limited time you can get the 20GB for 30 and the 25 GB for 35

+ $50 activation fee, 911 fee, and the usual risk of bill surprises and overages associated with post-paid plans... 🫤


@JL9   I believe there are similar deals for Virgin and Fido as well


Also, I saw there are couple "in-store" only deals for Chatr. Something like a $45 plan for $15 for couple months.  


So, there are some good Black Friday deals around if you are interested

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