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Fongo techs have a sense of humour!

Mayor / Maire

So I was browsing through Fongo's support articles, and I came across a test number I didn't recognize mentioned in a few:


😎226 336 1437 😎


It appears across a few of their pages:

I'm happy there's a Canadian number providing "this!" It may be a new occasional blocked/declined conditional call forwarding destination for me. 🤣


Fongo also operates an echo test with a memorable number:  226-244-4444 - Documented here:


Edit: for those that don't "get it..."


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire



Boy, The fun I can have with this number...

Mayor / Maire

 Lol...indeed Fongo techs do have a sense of humour, but I'll admit I wouldn't have got it without the link!  😁

Mayor / Maire

I don't get the joke.


1437 obviously means something on teenager sites. The rest of the number is a mystery to me.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Korth it's a rickroll.


You call the number and get rickrolled. 

Here's a picture of this handsome heartthrob y'all can add to your phonebook entries to assist when quickly trying to Rick roll your friends. 😂🤢


Rick Astley - English singer, songwriter and radio personalityRick Astley - English singer, songwriter and radio personality

PS: Looks like Fongo has since changed the number shown as an example on their contact form to their regular customer service number instead of Rick. They continue to suggest it on the other two pages I noted in the OP though!

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