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Changing Weather in the Fall

Well it is that time of year where we start to get a lot of rain here and that brings on some odd behaviors from my wife.

Last week it was lightly raining and I noticed that she had moved a bit closer to the window but I didn't think anything of it.

Just the other day it was raining a little harder and she had moved a bit closer to the window again, I wanted to ask her why but thought ah must be just a woman's thing.

Last night it was just pouring out and she was basically right against the window with her face pressed against it. I was about to say something but it was late and I wanted to get to sleep.

Today it was just unbelievable how hard it was raining all day I got home from work and there she was pressed right up against the window again.

I am really starting to get worried because if this keeps up I might have to open the window and let her in.

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Re: Changing Weather in the Fall

I don't like rain, but i love the smell of rains Smiley Happy

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Re: Changing Weather in the Fall

Come live in the micro weather system that is Southern Western Ontario.


Summer - Hot and Humid.  When it storms, they are big.  When it's dry, it's dry.


Winter - We can have winters with snow or without.  Temperatures range from highs of 4 C to lows of -35 C, without including the wind chill factor.  Snow ranges from heavy to light, and amounts can range from 5 cm to 100 cm depending on your location in relation to the Great Lakes.


Spring and Fall - We don't have them for very long.  But they are the most beautiful days of all the seasons.

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Re: Changing Weather in the Fall

Dog, Cat, or Bird?

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Re: Changing Weather in the Fall

Here, close to the Rocky Mountains we also have 4 seasons...


Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, Construction.