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Canadians pay the highest prices in the world for mobile data (still, again)

Mayor / Maire

(They had to extend the chart to fit Canada into the far, far, far right. Again.)


CRTC Promoting Low-Cost Plans for Bell, Rogers, Telus, SaskTel

(Notice that these uniformly give less and cost more than the old half-forgotten "True North Affordability" promises.)


Mayor / Maire


The big three and Sasktel have been working very hard to ensure that they can skew the numbers on the cost per GB of data by pushing the migration of low end users to higher plans or as is common at the mid market level of koodo, fido and virgin is raising the price of a current customers plan and either offering a "free" data add on to make up for it (usually 5gb or 10gb). They then turn around in another 6 to 12 months send out a notice that the "free" add on is increasing by $3 to $5 per month and so on....gradually upping both the price and data amounts in the customer's plan. Frequently the customer comments or complains that they dont even come close to using even half the data alotted to them but since they cant fight the price increase they take what they can get.


The same goes for the top tier who almost exclusively offer unlimited plans that used to be 20gb but would go up or down by $5 to $10 and/or 5gb to 15gb as the coordinated marketing game gets played....with those original 20gb plans now 45gb to 50gb averaging $95/month. The latest ploy is to throw on US Roaming to get the plan cost up and over the century mark between $105 and $115 per month. The more customers paying as low as $2/gb vs $20/gb the better the statistics to combat critics even though the average canadian's usage has only bumped up to less than 5gb/month. Of providers dont care to meet our needs only theirs....if they can convince a customer 50gb/$100 is good value they can offer huge data plans all day long because they are still making $20/1gb based on usage but to the world statistically the average price per 1gb will drop dramatically. Fortunately they cannot do the same with the ARPU without actually eating into their profits.