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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

need moderator

I have lost Phone service and Data plan is not working


Re: need moderator

@keith1 wrote:

I have lost Phone service and Data plan is not working

Do you have more details?  Are you near a renewal, what plan are you on, have you used all of your data?

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Mayor / Maire

Re: need moderator

When you log into your account is it showing active ?  Do you have minutes remaing and data ?

Try the lost phone trick.

To report your phone stolen.  Login to your account.  Choose Plans and Add-onstab. Then choose Lost/Stolen Phone tab.  The choose Suspend Service tab.  Logout.  Wait few minutes.  Login in and report your phone found.  


You can contact a moderator by messaging them.  

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Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: need moderator

Did you just sign up or has your service been working?

Did you choose a new number or port an old one?

Can you call out, send text, receive calls, receive text?


If you do indeed need a mod, send a message here.

Mayor / Maire

Re: need moderator

@keith1 wrote:

I have lost Phone service and Data plan is not working

@keith1  Dial 611 what happens? If your account is suspended and your phone service/data is not working it means that your renewal was not processed. If you had AutoPay enabled it's possible that there was a problem. To fix you need to login into your selfserve account make a manual payment and reactivate your account.


If you are still having issues and can't reactivate your plan best to contact PM. 

To contact Public Mobile click here. The link  sends you to the private message function and adds the moderator team as recipient for a private message. You just have to enter a title and text in the body of the message describing the problem and post. The message will be received by the moderator team and they will respond to it. You will receive the response in your private message inbox.

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