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Re: how the rewards money works?

@toniteng wrote:

@mimmo wrote:

Rewards are applied at renewal.  First month is always full price. Next renewal should show discounted price.


ye i saw the next round due payment amount is 28$ due to 5th of March, so is this mean the reward will automaticlly applied or should manually do something on it? 

The situation is, as others mentioned, that the amount due is based on what funds you have in your account and the rewards that will be applied at account renewal. One of the reasons for doing it this way is because you may use your funds available at any time to say, purchase a U.S roaming add-on or a long distance add-on but you are not able to use the rewards for this until they are added to your available funds. This is done so say you have a friend reward and just before your renewal date that friend decides to go to Bell, that's closes their account and removes your friend reward and thus you do not receive the reward. This is also done for the autopay reward for the same reason, it prevents use of the reward prior to you being entitled to it but you are able to see what will be there at renewal so you can manage your payment accordingly.


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