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The plans offered here are great.  I am waiting for some sort of roaming to be offered, though;  at least in the US and Mexico.  It is important to use the same phone number in order to receive calls from the bank or credit card companies and folks like that while we are travelling.



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You could foward your number to a service like Fongo. That being said, I hope they do consider something along these lines.
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Yes, I believe that it's an necessary Frill, sometimes CERTAIN Frills can serve as the backbone of greatness

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@robbytwotwo if you'd like some more info on how to take and make calls (using data) while out of the country, please see my suggestions here:


Unfortunately, it doesn't help for texting, as there's no way to forward those unfortunately.  But for calls, this works.

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Roaming is important. Especially for the international student like me.

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I guess this is the trade-off for lower monthly plans where roaming is not offered.  

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Not necessarily.

PM can still offer roaming and still have great fees for their plans, its not impossible.

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Definitely not impossible
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Its an inherent issue with prepaid plans. The way postpaid roaming works is simple, you use your phone and you get billed after. For prepaid you'd have to have some sort of add-on that you'd pay for before the trip. Now this would be pretty simple if it was an unlimited add-on, but if I understand correctly the process of using a foreign carrier makes enforcing limits quite difficult. Once again, not a problem for postpaid, but can't really work practically on prepaid.

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Perhaps, BUT not impossible.

There are some Prepaid Carriers in Canada that DO offer this, just under a different method

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@Grant_J there really is no need to enforce limits. Really talk & txt is dirt cheap on roaming providers, Public could simply offer talk & txt in continental US for a flat fee.


Data can be an issue but even it is not that expensive.