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New in Town / Nouveau en Ville

i would like to request a no fee feature to every public mobile member. when the phone is off or during travel in the subway, a caller message of the number that called with a time stamp!

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Fido has something like this; WhoCalled is what they call it.


From the Fido website:

"Out of service coverage? In the subway? Your phone's battery is drained? Never worry about missing
a call with WhoCalledTM. WhoCalled will send you a text message with any number that called you
when your phone is off or out of service."


They charge $8 for the add-on which includes: Call Display, Name Display, and WhoCalled. Maybe they could add in it for free, seeing as how the plans are going up by $3 Smiley Wink


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire
I never knew there was such thing until now. I was previously with Fido too, but that price is outrageous even for Fido standards. I doubt PM will add it for free, but hopefully it would be much cheaper than Fido.
Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

PM bills itself as a "no frills" provider.  This feature strikes me very much as a "frill".

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Honestly it would be nice if this was a standard feature on all plans at all carriers.  It should be basic info, as you have zero idea when people have tried to reach you unless they leave a message or follow up with a text or something.  Sometimes it's your own doing, other times you "missed" the call through no fault of your own, such as being in an area with weak/no coverage, or being out of the country where PM does not offer service, etc.  

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I use to have this feature with Wind Mobile in the past and it was very helpful.


Perhaps set up voicemail with Public Mobile so that you know who called and at what time?

Mayor / Maire

I am pretty sure Fido/Rogers are only carriers who do this 

Wind/Freedom has a similar feature but it is a cut down version


Bell/Telus and all thier sub brands seem not to have been interested in it (and oddly, Chatr/7-11 despite being Rogers brands)


Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

@kav2001c I wonder if it's technically difficult to implement perhaps?  Or maybe the assumption is that most people have their phones on and reachable all the time.  There's plenty of scenarios where this would be useful though, such as:


- On an airplane!  Duh!  Especially for business travellers that can be unreachable for hours at a time fairly frequently.  Why not let them know what calls they've missed?  This could be pretty imporant!


- Some people power down overnight to avoid being disturbed in their sleep (I'm not among them, and some may stay powered on and just silence the phone, but there are some that power right off)


- Some people power off or go into airplane mode for faster charging in certain circumstances



Mayor / Maire

@srlawren nope this is one area I have no clue about

It seems like it would not be too difficult (eg other things like Name Display that will never happen in a billion years on Public ever)

So why other carriers do not do this


Most US carriers (including MVNO & Prepay service) can offer this


I suspect it is something that Bellus never implemented and as such flankers never had access to


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

I'm sure there are scenarios where this functionality is super important to people, but I think many (most? No idea) folks would look at it the same way I do:


- If the person isn't willing to leave you a voicemail or send you a text when they can't reach you by voice, it must not be that important of a call

- Lack of name associated with the missed caller's number (annoying to have to go search in my contacts for who it was, if they even were a contact) makes this feature kind of a pain.


The only real scenario that comes to mind immediately regarding finding this feature useful is if your PM number is a business number, and you want to call back every number that called you regardless of if they leave a message.  But I'd wager that that isn't the majority of PM customers.


Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

@WearySky I don't think the appeal is as limited as you have suggested.  For example, people might think you are using ignore on the incoming call to send them right to voicemail and hang up without leaving you one.  (Friends and family can be fickle sometimes!)