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I know that this idea has been put up... like 3 times now, but I'm putting up again, because honestly, at this point, it's necessary. 😛


Here's the deal, Public Mobile has recently dropped it's Beta title. This is both good and bad, because it means they're ready to bloom, but they're not really ready to bloom just yet, in my opinion. It seems to me, because PM is a Prepaid service, most of their customers don't need a statement, as they don't care to have one.... well, I use Public Mobile, not only because it's prepaid and I don't like being locked into a contract, but because it's a GOOD company, that cares about it's customers, and wants to grow into a big strong company like it's dad, Telus. Any good telecommunications company, will have a billing option. I sincerely hope I won't get the excuse, we're still in the early stages for a company of this size, because an eStatement would be a simple thing to implement. A BILL. All I want is a bill. I'll download it, I'll print it, but I need it to be OFFERED.


Have you ever gone to a bank, and you want to sign up for a credit card, or change your billing address? Or signed up for something online and they need proof of address, or picked up a package from the post office, and they ask for a utitlity/bill with your name and address on it? Why is it such a hard thing to do PM? I had to show my bank, surprisingly they were fine with it, a picture of my account information on my PHONE.... Literally just logged into my account, and showed the guy a picture of my account details. It was a bit humiliating to be honest. I looked like a kid when I did it. Why is it such a difficult thing to find a billing option that will automatically calculate the amount you paid, your usage, etc. and pop it into a PDF. There are literally hunreds of companies that offer automated billing to companies for a fairly reasonable price.


Google Automated Billing System right now and over 5 MILLION search results pop up. IF even 1/1000th of those are businesses, that's enough billing systems to find one that works for your needs. Come on PM.... Step your game up a level.


My address on my ID card is different from home, I want to use my PM BILL as a utility bill, because I can't, because I don't get a bill, even though I get billed.


Hopefully the rest of you can agree this would be a fairly good idea. I'm sure I'll get reasons as to why it would be "inefficient" or "annoying to implement" etc., but to be honest, if everyone else can do it, so can you, and that's all I have to say. Love you! 


All the best,



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Totally agree with this!


Agree it's a pain for those needing more than their credit card statement or receipts for vouchers. On the other hand, when I was self employed I don't recall ever needing more than my credit card statement to claim an expense. Also, I am pretty sure no prepaid service offers the billing you seek; for sure speakout7eleven and Koodo do not on their self serve web sites.

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@Luddite I would much rather give them a prepaid Cell phone bill than my credit card statement. I prefer my Financials to be private. As the service is prepaid, there's nobody seeing any ridiculous random charges because PM is awesome. Not always the case with credit card statements. My bank doesn't put the address on the debit card statement besides the fact that I would not want people seeing that anyways.
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