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When/ If Porting is successful, in Self-Serve give a reading...

When/ If Porting is successful, in Self-Serve give a reading...

I tend to notice that some ppl not always know if Port went through, and was thinking how can PM make notice of this


What if when Port was successful PM gave Green Light in Self-Serve, yellow for Partial Success and Red for Failed attempt, this way PPL at least have some way of actually knowing if Port was smooth or if requires drastic measures

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I received a text when my port was complete from PM. I think it would be a good indicator to say if you haven't received a message within X hours, there may be a problem. More information would be nice as well - but I think new subs should be aware  that a confirmation text is sent when the port is complete.

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Hi @makkahn28!


This is a good suggestion.  Something simpler like consistently sending out an update/confirmation sms will also get the job done.  


I ported a number to PM just few days ago.  

The process was smooth and took less than 2 minutes in total.  

However, I did not get any sms message from PM notifying me of the port being successful.


I got the cancellation email from the previous carrier immediately so I decided to reboot the phone and check.  The port had processed within this 2 minute time frame from submitting request to rebooting the phone.  

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