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Mayor / Maire

Coming from Telus, I liked having the visual voicemail, although having to pay even $2 (originally $5) for the service seems silly Smiley Sad. If iPhones are compatible on your network, why wouldn't a feature like visual voicemail be included for free if you use an iPhone? Seems more like a penalty for using an Apple product!


I agree with @aguyfromontario please implement visual voicemail for your iPhone users! Thanks PM!


@Almighty1337 I don't think disgusting is the right word, because I'm sure cellular companies need to adjust their systems to accommodate visual voicemail (which costs money to implement). It's just too bad that it's not automatic. Maybe disheartening is a better word, but I hear your concern!

Mayor / Maire

Whatever WIND uses for voicemail notifications was truly handy.  I got an SMS as soon as a new message was available, and in the SMS was a short number to press on, making the call directly to that voicemail message.  So nice.... the only thing I liked about WIND.

Mayor / Maire

@stonechucker sounds like a good feature!


Apparently Apple has released voicemail transcription with its latest release of iOS 10. Not sure how that works, but from the photo Apple released, it looks like it again needs visual voicemail for it to work... *sigh*



Good Neighbour / Bon Voisin

I would love to see the option to add Visual Voicemail for iPhone users like Koodo does for $2/month. VVM is crucial for my wife and I and that's the only thing stopping us from switching to PM. Well, that and US roaming option.

Mayor / Maire

@ATC The US roaming option is coming sometime in November.


Hopefully with visual voicemail, they'll figure something out. I'd love to do a poll of how many Android vs iOS phones are being used with PM.


I've been with PM for maybe 5 weeks now. Not having VVM was something that bothered me at first, but I was able to speed up the VM prompts so it practically goes right to the messages. I've asked all my friends and family to leave a text if they can't get a hold of me. That has helped to eliminate some VMs. So, in the end, I'm not really missing VVM.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
Also, AFAIK, none of the other similarly priced MVNOs offer visual voicemail (Virgin, Koodo, PC Mobile, Phonebox, Fido, Mobilicity (not an MVNO, I know, but still), and so many others).

What? I've had Visual Voicemail on my iPhone for many years on Fido. It's included for free on my plan. Koodo also supports it, and has done so since 2013, for $2 per month. Virgin also supports Visual Voicemail. (I don't know about the others.)


On Public Mobile, I'd pay $2 per month (or $6 per 90 days) more to get Visual Voicemail on my iPhone. As of this year with the release of iOS 10, VVM has gone from being merely a good feature to now a great feature to have.

Good Neighbour / Bon Voisin

I for one really appreciate the convenience of visual voicemail. My parents still leave me voicemails no matter how often I tell them to just message me instead - so I can't avoid it. And I hate having to call into my voicemail box. 


I really hope this idea gets considered as an optional add on!

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Hrmm... I wonder if it would be possible to forward to something like and then have FreePhoneLine forward to YouMail?  I'm guessing probably doesn't have the correct OCN functionality either.


Edit: tried with Fongo, couldn't add my Fongo # (the confirmation text never showed up) 😞

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

+1 for this idea, and also Bravo'd. This is a feature that should be an add-on (or it'd be awesome to have it free of course), and shouldn't impact the costs of plans for others who wouldn't need visual voicemail.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

This was one of the main things I miss from Rogers and still have to get used to. It's one of the things where it's very hard to go back to when you've never had it. Please consider this!!