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I do not know if you guys are thinking about this but:

Just to share some ideas about roaming who is in charge of this in PM and with our community.

Maybe PM can talk to a third company or a partner that provides roaming and allow us to use that service or customize this service for us.

i.e.: Koodo and Telus provide a lot of possibilities in terms or roaming, it includes packages, addons and Passes.

Maybe PM can "get a deal" with these or any other company and provide this service. Remember if the service is available the people will start using it when they need it.

Just to close the door about "we must pay first for the service before we can use it", PM can set the payment for this service by using vouchers only, to avoid any kind of "mistake or i hit the wrong button".

Idea or comments are very welcome.

I tried to search about roaming in the Public Lab, but i found nothing, maybe i do not know how to search in public lab.



Mayor / Maire

Yep, I gave PM ideas for this, and I feel that perhaps it will rise from the grave, and will once more enhance PM to stupendous heights

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

This would be handy.  In the meantime, be sure to check out Roam Mobility, which offer very affordable roaming rates when travelling in the USA.  ($/day gives you unlimited calling and texting to US and Canada, and 400MB [per day!] of LTE data).  Only drawback is you end up with a US phone number while using the service.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I like this idea. I am travelling to the States soon, and am forced to get a Roam Mobility sim since PM doesn't offer any sort of roaming packages at all...

Mayor / Maire

I think PM will eventually shock the roaming back into action. It's only logical, and helpful, giving PM a lead on the new toys that ppl want, on a prepaid

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

that is a great idea, i would love to be able to "buy" 50 or 100 US min. whenever i need it

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin
I find it very interesting that Telus, who has roaming capabilities, owns PM and yet they haven't incorporated this into their business structure. This could be a great money maker for them and an invaluable service for PM users that travel to the states regularly
Public Mobile
Status changed to: Yes, but not yet

Hey @carloscmd,


Your idea is accepted and will be available in November! Check out the full scoop



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Status changed to: Idea completed
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