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Guess What?! (Hint: We had to update our Terms of Service to do this)

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Retraité / Retired

We’ve got another BIG and EXCITING announcement to make!


US Roaming Announcement_ENG_Final.gif


We will be launching US roaming in November this year! Many members have been patiently waiting for this to arrive and we are ecstatic to be making this announcement. Members like @robbytwotwo, @carloscmd, @ckndr47, @nishufan, @McLaren, @makkahn28, @imm1304, @Cookin, @srlawren and many more have been submitting or promoting ideas about US roaming on our Public Lab, saying things like:


The plans offered here are great. I am waiting for some sort of roaming to be offered though...


First of all kudos to PM for such an amazing service...Now that we are growing, would love to see a ...”    


We would like to extend a huge thank you to those that submitted the idea and to those who supported the idea by giving it a bravo. We have listened to your feedback and recommendations, and are excited to be bringing this idea to life.  


Think about the convenience…the freedom… No longer will you need to purchase a different SIM card when you travel to the States. No longer will you need to travel to the States without any service at all. No longer will you have an excuse to not respond to your parents/ girlfriend/ boyfriend etc. (Whoops- that was a good thing.)


Anyway, we veered off topic just a tad. Soon you will be able to connect to AT&T and T-Mobile networks when you travel to the states. AT&T and T-Mobile’s coverage includes all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. So, whether you are travelling to the snow-capped mountains in Alaska or to Florida's sunny beaches, we will have you covered.


In order to roam, you will have the flexibility to choose 10 day Add-ons that include talk only, text only, data only or a bundle of all three services. We are still finalizing the Add- on price points and the exact launch date, so stay tuned for more information. We have also updated our Terms of Service to incorporate US roaming, so please be sure to read it here.


-Public Mobile Community Team

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   Amazing!!  Thanks in advance PM. We're so excited and looking forward to seeing that day.



One love!

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This is awesome. A needed feature that I'm confident PM will implement in a way that works best for all of us - love that we can choose a combination of the services we'll be requiring. But I agree that more flexibiltiy than 10-day plan chunks would be preferable. Can't wait to hear more.

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This was the only problem bothered me when I signed in with PM, didn't expect we would get it so soon.😁

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@Shazia_K @Mary_M @makkahn28


count me in the November family too. 🐵


a good gift!



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More Power to PM !

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Actually, most phones have roaming data options, and it usually off. I don't think it's a big issue. Receiving text usually is free when roaming. The only issue is calling. How to avoid mistaking roaming call is big problem need to be fixed. 

@srlawren, just curious.

If what you say about the Rogers and Telus Roam thing is correct, then my question is, if Cell Phone interacts with US tower, Briefly, Would that COUNT as a Day taken from a 10 Day Add-On?

Just curios and for knowledge 

Also, HERE is another CRUCIAL ?


If ppl have the OLD GF Call Center Legacy plans, WILL THEY also have EQUAL ACCESS to this Add-On, Or ONLY New Plans?


Would be Great and Awesome if they, EVEN the $19 Prov Plans, can enjoy this too

I think I know what Telus calls their roam


Explore and Roam, and Telus your Experience.


Its all in how to create an exceptional  experience

If this model works, this could be the NEW, Postpaid, BUT, Chuck Post to Bed, and Put Pre, to work.


Now, Let's say that PM had ALL GLOBAL Roam in effect, Let's say, take in also Short Codes too, What other Postpaid elements are left?


Excluding Grace, Credit checks, Phones, and perhaps Cruise Roam, what other Postpaid elements are left?


Like, let's say, using Short Codes to pay, Car meter, or Donation, or other that ONLY work on Postpaid currently.


If PM had all this, theoretically, PM Prepaid would be the Model of Excellence.


Hopefully carriers around Canada will take this as a message: Move Over, Prepaid is now in the Drivers seat.


Captain Prepaid

XO Postpaid

Oh, in that case, more the merrier.


Wonder, if that works, how long would this Add-On really last? Can't be treated as ANY REGULAR Add-On.

If Add-On lasted, let's say, 60 Days, meaning Add-On 10 Day had to be used within the 60 Day period wouldn't be a bad thing.

Fair, and within reason

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It sure does, this is awesome news. We're all watching this great company grow right in front of us, grab the popcorn 🙂

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Exciting news!'s about time!  Public mobile just gets better and better.

Price should be fair.


$5 for a Day of Talk, Txt and 500 MB, I'd think $8 would be kinda fair.


For a 3-4 Day Pass, Unlim Tk, Txt and 800 MB, $11 would be within reason.

Similar, but NO Data, just Tk and Txt, $7 would be purfect.


Or just Tk, $5

Txt, $4



Just trying to think like PM and a Client, must ÷ oneself between Co. And Client

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@makkahn28 nope it's not impossible at all.  That's how it works with Roam Like Home and Telus's version (the name of which escapes me).  At first activity in the US, it adds a day to your tab, and then after 24 hours the next bit of US activity dings you for the next day, etc.  The only difference with PM is instead of ADDing a day to bill you for at the end, they would SUBTRACT a day from your purchased add-on.  This is how I envision it working.  Ify youv'e run out of days, they instruct the roaming partner to not provide your service and send you a text asking you to top up by purchasing a new add-on to continue foreign service.

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You know, Now that PM has got the ball rollin on Roam, we all leave home for parts unknown.


If PM was to be really smart on the cycle of this, they have to create certain cycle brackets, as it is practically impossible for ANY carrier, never mind PM, to have it where 10 days, when your Cell leaves Canada Towers and hits US towers where that counts as a Day, if that can happen that would be more flex, but that is not a reality, as a US Roam or EVEN a Global Roam Add-Oncant be treated as an regular add-on where 10 Days, Every time your cell phone hits US Towers it counts a day, so if it takes you a whole Month to use 10 days worth then $$$ well spent, I don't see that as realistic, though I honestly wish.

Cycles should be broken into incraments of 3 Day, 7, 14 Day Most, having a a flex cycle for those who cross 3-5 days Wkly, saving the 14 for perhaps Truckers


BUT, for the Casual Target, or K-Mart Shopper, PM can perhaps have the 2 Day, as 1Day is kinda pointless, Pricey and Futile, always strive for the middle of the planet approach.

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@Brooke_C Robot Very Happy


@NDesai this was my concern when I heard it too.  Most of my trips are 2-3 days (weekend/long weekend) and rarely would I use a full 10 days at a time.  I like your idea of having it be able to split across multiple trips.  Ideally, it would use a new day the first time you use the service within a 24-hour period, and it would not expire until the days are used up (similar to how the existing add-ons don't expire until used, over any period of time).  If that's the case, they I wouldn't mind buying it in 10 day chunks, provided the cost isn't crazy.  I'm hoping it lands near the $5 daily (talk+text+500MB) Roam Mobility plans.  I'd pay a bit more for the conveninece, but not a lot more (would continue to use Roam).


@Shazia_K I split the difference between you and @Mary_M, as I'm on the 21st.  🙂  

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@Brooke_C Just wondering, is this for those who travel to US for ~10 days? What i mean is that will the 10 days add-on work like how other add-ons do? For example, if i go US only for a few days with 10 days talk-only add-on, will i have some unused days left to use later on when i go again? 

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Awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂

I don't go US often, but i have heard enough roaming looking forward to it

I am not a mod. Do not send me private message with your personal info.
If you need to contact PM Customer Support Agent, send a Private Message.

Forgot to add this, Very Important


@Brooke_C, @Shazia_K, @Mary_M, @Jeremy_M, @Danny_M, @David_J,  PM should, as a means of courtesy, Advise PM Clients that when You have the Roam stuff on, If in Canada and Near Border area, Recommend turn off Auto and choose Home to avoid Accidental Roam Fees when PM Clients Buy a Roam Pkge, Unless tk and Txt is Unlim, and ppl choose ONLY These and NO Data, then OK,BUT when Data added to mix, Turn Auto to Home to avoid accidental waste.


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Retraité / Retired



Welcome to the November family 🙂 haha I'm the 19th and Mary is the 23rd 😄

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Also, if Roam too effect on Nov 10, That would be an Awesome B.Day Gift, lol

Yes, it really has.

Just curious, is it Only 10 days, or will there be some Flex, like 3 Day or 4 Day, 10, 14, just to be sure.


Also, would be great for those who do let's say 3-4 Day a wk in US, so would make some sense, to avoid wasted days, to a degree of course.


But, other than that, great.


I'm assuming, Talk and Txt, either Unlim, or a # of Mins.

That would be my estimated and analyzed guess.


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Finally, your wish came true 😄 

* Please do not post private info such as: phone number, account number, pin etc.. This is a public forum.

I knew PM would, it was, inevitable. So far, Delicious.

Now, Hoping US Roam functions and ppl use it, as it may help bring other regions in the Public Eye.

Imagine, In Cuba, Cuban Cigars is popular, but if Roam was there, ppl can ask, um, I'm in this lovely Cuban Cigars shop, what do you wish for me to pick up?

This is what will give PM the Public edge, and all under a Prepaid banner.

Long live PM, and the Public Roaming experience.


@Brooke_C, what title will PM call it? 

Rogers has Roam like Home


Bell, Ding Dong


Virgin Mobile, gift cards


PM should call there's


Roam Publicity,

Roam Publicly

Public Roam

Public Playground Roam


So Happy and excited

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Very pleased to see this announcement for PM and I'm looking forward to reading the details!!



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

That is great news indeed ... thanks!

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Awesome!  This will save me from awkwardly dropping my US sim card while the aircraft is landing!

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle
That's awesome. I can't wait to see it. Waiting for details. Good job PM😉
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