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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
Status: Brand new
Did a cursory search to see if anyone had already suggested this - dont think they have.

A common issue is signing up and being unable to log in. There's a generic message and it says to try again. The SIM may work, but you can't sign in to switch your number over.

If this is truly quite frequent, why not on the list of steps on the 'activate' page, have one more step that says, "if you can't log in right away, send us an email by the following method, with the following info and we'll have you switched over extremely quickly."

It would save a lot of people time posting on the forum and troubleshooting. No worry, reasonable expectations set, and a stress free solution. It's a technical glitch, but 2 or 3 sentences could mitigate the issue substantially.
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Mayor / Maire

@dennchipp This is merely a known issue (bug) with self-serve right now. Hopefully it will be resolved after this weekend.

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