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Mayor / Maire
Status: Brand new

PM should by foremost have better resources in place to better improve their overall perception, Like broadening voucher locations, Canada Post, Shoppers, Rexall, Grocery stores, dedicate adequate staff to cover all Dept's, Quick response turnaround times, Simply the email us process and relocate most of it in the Self-Serve Section, have an PM App for overall Customer 24/7 Access and checks, Gather up all the Bugs and Glitches and deport them to another world where they can't ESC from, offer more Promos, More Data Options for the 90 Day, like this, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15 Gigs, Offer more Data Add-Ons beyond the 2, Like 500MB, 750, 2, 3MB, at competitive pricing, when ppl buy vouchers, either using *611 IVR, Txt, PM App or PC Access to pay, Using*611 IVR, PM App, Txt or PC access to buy your Add-Ons, create an Reloadable Voucher that once registered all requires Reloading and No more reentering Pins every time, redo Coverage Map to show where LTE, LTE Advanced, or 3G is more specifically located, partner up with places for a Public Mobile WiFi Hotspot, having a 3 light status for network optimization, Green for Excellent, Red for...

Allow ppl to manage multiple accounts under 1 Email instead of 1 per, More options in Self-Serve, having a Vacation Plan to keep Account kicking at Minimum cost to PM Clients, listing more area codes in Self-Serve and # to choose from beyond the 5, making full use of their YT channel for important messages, troubleshooting and more, as a Start.

Finally, Public Mobile should, as part of common-sense and expansion of new things, Truly consider giving us a little Public Roaming, like Rome is your Home, to better give their Guests the Special Public experience, all under a Prepaid experience that will send Postpaid back to Bedrock, as Prepaid is more awesome and relevant than Postpaid, and maybe more Cost-effective, as We can then have a better understanding as to how are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is working for us. That's the Public Mobile solutions to Look forward to.

Also, Family Plans is also the wave for the future as well.


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@makkahn28 You have suggested a slew of good ideas. Maybe you should restructure them in point for so that it's easier to read and maybe it will get the attention it deserves. But, I really like most of your ideas. I have bravoed you for it.

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Wow yes that's a lot of stuff all in one.  I LOVE the idea of having more data options.  For example, for many, 1 GB of data for 90 days is not enough, but 4GB is overkill.  I know that the add-ons are meant to fill in such gaps, but they are really const-ineffective for customers compared to the data cost in the plan options.  Or for me, I'd love a 9GB/90 day option.


FYI multiple phone lines with one account/email address is an existing suggestion here int he lab: I'm not sure if any of the other suggestions are or not.



Mayor / Maire

OK. Let me put the following solutions in a more orderly composition:


1) Purge all the Glitches and bugs and send them on their way to the big adios where they don't come back


2) Increase the methods of Tech support, from E-Chat, FB, Twit, Community, Txt, YT tutorials on solving Most Common to Intermediate issues, having enough PM staff allocated to different levels of depts, and quicker turn-arounds on response


3) Increasing the # of options available, like Add-On Data, Example 200, 500, 800 MB, 1, 2, 3 Gigs, Data Rate Plans like 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15 Gigs, Having Add-On Txt for those who are on the Pioneer $19 Plan, having a Vacation Idling plan to minimize costs for PM Guest Clients, having 10, 30, 90, 120 Days, being able to divide your Data Plan if on 90 Plan, like 12 Gigs and choose to have 4 for first 30 days, if reaching cap and have Add-On Data switching to that so that your remaining 8 Gigs from original 12 Gig can be divided equally for remaining 60 Days of 90 Day duration, having Limited Talk Plans if PPL don't require talking as much, Option to Opt out of Voicemails, to start


4) Having a Network status, so if Network is excellent, Green, Fair, Amber, Bad, RED, Outages, PURPLE, Redo the Coverage Map so PPL can tell where the LTE is, 3G is, LTE Advanced is, This is probably crucial


5) Relocating the Email us to the individual's Self-Serve and Simplifying it so PPL can find the correct Application when requiring assistance in their issues, PUK request done via Self-Serve, to speed up response instead of Simple Email where it may take 48-72 HRS to receive, Registering their IMEI in Self-Serve so that If Phones are lost Stolen, We can at least request PM to list it on Blacklist quickly and efficiently


6) Restoring our 411 or possibly 1-900 #'s where fees may apply, just require PPL to purchase a Special Add-On for those type of Services, to be fair


7) When paying via Voucher, expanding option to use either *611 IVR, Txt, or PM App or PC to Enter Voucher Or creating a reloadable Voucher where all is required is to register Voucher ONCE and reload as required, OR, Create a system where PM App permits PPL with Smartphones to simply scan the reciept with Phone Cam, similar to that Q code concept to speed up processing


😎 Offer Promos on Plans Once in a while, and lasting like 20 Months or so, to spark the interest in the PM Guest Client experience, and maybe Add-On Promos as well


9) If Add-On Long-Distance and International both have Canada and US Long-distance, El;iminate the first and keep the second, as 400 Mins and fee is more cost-effective than regular Long-Distance


10) Increase # OF WAYS TO PAY, FROM VISA, MC, AMEX, Prepaid CC, Visa/MC Debits and foreign CC's as well


11) Allowing PPL to manage multiple accounts from ONE email instead of 1 Per Email


12) Having Plan(s) where PPL can share, Family Share Plans, that can be a lucretive option


13) Improving the Check Phone for not just if Lost/stolen or compatible, BUT also if Unlocked and what Frequencies it works with, like 3G, 4G, LTE, ETC.


14) expanding the rewards so PPL can earn and save and refer PPL to PM for Ultimate experience


15) Having those do a survey and win $ Prepaid Visa thing, Movie tickets, Rewards that can certainly be phenominal


16) Restoring the Roaming Option, and have it set up for the Prepaid Era, like an Add-On, The World is your Public Playground, Roam like the best, Home to rest, I Firmly believe that Roaming has its designated purpose, mission, role to play, Give the PM Guest Client the Tools to figure out what fits in their schedule and pocketbook, so have a USA Roam, Mexico Roam, Cuba Roam, Rome Roam, who knows, maybe it is Prepaid's time to receive its perks, priviledges, I firmly believe Prepaid is the New Postpaid, except Post was sent upstairs and out of sight where Prepaid takes it's place in the New Carrier Order


That's my take opn how things would be done, fairly and equally

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

I love #1 and #3, those are my priorities personally. 


#13 would be impossible via the current web check, but could become an Android and iOS app that can check the phone for unlocked status (if that's even possible in the platform API's--I don't know that for a fact)


#16 would be great too, probably my 3rd priority behind items #1 and #3--provided it can be done at a decent price.  The Telus version is too expensive at $7 day and I would continue to use Roam Mobility personally, in all likelihood.

Mayor / Maire

The Day pass thing is better than nothing. Like an amusement park, PPL love to ride all day long. That's why Day pass was invented. PM can certainly create a thing where the world can become Public's Wonderland, Roam is your Home

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