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Protocol for Contacting Moderators

Protocol for Contacting Moderators

I've been with Public Mobile for 2 weeks now, and so far I'm pretty happy with my decision to switch. My registration and number porting went fairly smoothly and I only needed the help of PM's moderators twice.


However, my experience is not everyone's. When you read through the discussion threads, you see that help from the moderators is usually required with registration, porting of numbers and changing of plans. I notice that Community members are often tagging ALL the moderators, telling new members that @Shazia_K@Mary_M and now @Saray_O will get to them soon.


Here's my problem with that current trend...


Notifying ALL the moderators will bring attention to a specific member's issues, yes, but I'm sure it's making a lot more work for each moderator. Imagine if one of them has their day off. When they get back to work, they will have to sort through a huge pile of notifications, figuring out what's been responded to, and what has not. Maybe I'm wrong about this, but it seems having to do this "sorting" is rather time consuming at the beginning of the day. Don't we all have access to the "Latest Topics" listing? I'm sure the moderators are actively monitoring new topics and responding when they are able. The current practice of tagging all the moderator's names, seems rather redundant (and a great way to collect a bunch of bravos *sarcasm*)!




1) Set up a permanent discussion thread called Protocol for Contacting Moderators in the Knowledge Base. This thread would outline the steps new members can take in getting their issues resolved. This thread could highlight the names of the current moderators and the times when they are available. It can also let new members know how to private message the moderators for account related changes.


2) With the idea above, could a username of @PM_Moderators be set up for when someone needs to private message the moderators? This message would go to all the moderators and once someone has responded to it, it's no longer listed as "new". With this single username, you could list it in the Protocol for Contacting Moderators discussion thread (mentioned above), telling new members to private message their phone number and PIN there for quicker assistance. This one step would eliminate the need for moderators to send the "can you please private message me your phone number" message and having to wait for a response before actually getting going on resolving the issue.


I think it's great there are now 3 active moderators, but wouldn't it be even better to free up their time for quickly responding to the needs of new (and old) members? For Public Mobile to continue growing, I'd imagine retaining new members and encouraging positive word of mouth would be key.


If you've made it this far, thanks for reading through and considering my idea! Robot Very Happy


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I was thinking to make an idea post for this (just not that detailed)... 1 @ would be a lot nicer than 3...


@daredogg PM has a procedure in place to deal with tagging all moderators. That is the current protocol.


Folks sometimes try private messaging. This also must go to all three or risk landing on the desk of someone who is not working. They also have a process in place to deal with this.

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How about just adding a "Request Assistance" button which sends a notification flag to PM staff or moderators?  The first one who responds to each request could then uncheck the notification once the issue is resolved, and perhaps even lock out the "Request Assistance" link text with something like "Resolved by Shazia_K" to prevent these threads from being confused by other issues in the distant future.  This button could be located right above the "Report Inappropriate Content" button, and I daresay they'd make a dashing pair.

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Doesn't hurt to have some redundant plans in place, can serve as backbone for excellent service overall experience

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If this is the process they have and are fine with it, then lets just follow the procedure otherwise there will be lots of coding for christopher_T to implement.

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Where are these procedures and protocols already in place that a few of you mentioned? I've been here for two weeks and I haven't been made aware of any of these!  What's wrong with making things easier for new comers, than just saying, it's good enough?


Really though, I'm suggesting some positive changes and so far there have been few positive comments. Anyone else?!

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@Luddite wrote:


@daredogg PM has a procedure in place to deal with tagging all moderators.


@Luddite you mentioned about a procedure in place for contacting moderators, but where can this information be found? It seems like tagging all the moderators is more of an adopted practice than an actual procedure... unless you being in the top 0.1%, are privy to that information.


@McLaren If tagging all the moderators is the procedure to follow, then fine, but I can't find that information anywhere.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@daredogg Oh i just assumed it was procedure as @luddite mentioned (he is the oracle afterall)

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That's s cool idea. It's almost of something i had in my mind. A live chat with moderators. Where can you have more human interaction and more option.

@daredogg I know this is the procedure because I simply asked the question.