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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
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I have been a Public Mobile customer since the beta testing. When I activated my account, I experienced problems. I expected glitches because the service was in beta mode.

Public Mobile is now an established brand, but the issues persist. With sim cards for sale at some Walmart stores, there is an even greater need to find a solution.

There must be something that can be implemented on the technical side to reduce the number of problems with new activations.

I find the Public Mobile community to be a great resource. That being said, the mods and can only do so much when there is a huge cue of frustrated customers who need activation support.

If Public Mobile wants to increase plan costs, create promotions, and get into retail, so be it; but at the very least, the powers that be need to implement a fix for activation related problems.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I second that.


Back when I signed up in November Fall promo, I had issues during activation. The issue was my credit card was being denied, with no proper description given of the issue. The mod support system was overwhelmed with issues at the time, so there was no help there, they just told me to use another card, which I did not have.


The problem ended up being that I had two addresses being registered on my card, my home address and a work address, which I used one time to ship something there. The problem was, when I added the work address, VISA somehow added that as my primary address. But that was like 2 years prior and I had ordered dozens of things online and never had the problem, because those systems were able to recognize that two addresses were there, and as long as any of them were used it was fine.


The Public Mobile system would not accept my home address, because it was the secondary, but it did not give any sort of clue what it was. I don't recall the exact message that was being given, but it was generic something to the effect that the card cannot be processed or something like that.


Maybe that has been sorted out, but if it hasn't, it sure should be.

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

I completely agree.  With the lower prices I could accept /deal with the issues because of the savings, but with near equal pricing we should have near equal service.  But if they fixed everythinf here, there would be less activity in the forums

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@mimmo @MK78 Thanks for responding. The thing is that what I see in the community are people posting with the same types of activation problems. My issue years ago was around porting my number. Every time I check the community, I see post from people with what appears to be the same problem. 

There will always be some activation problems. I'm not expecting perfection. But I do think they need to do better. 


It really comes down to about dozen recurring issues that if resolved, this forum could go literally silent.  It is rather unbelievable that with probably 10 maintenance outages since I joined, none of the recurring issues seems to have gone away. 

Mayor / Maire

Most of the glitches and bug related to activation, porting and renewal are known issues now. I am sure that there is enough data available to get to the root cause of these issues (and I am not talking about human error issues).  


Since this is a complete online service and solution is very crucial that these issues be fixed in a reasonable time frame. Otherwise, it is very embarrassing to justify this complete online service to new customer who encounter these issues and it becomes very difficult to invite potential new customers who have heard about these issues and are afraid of signing up for a complete online solution. 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

That is precisely why I posted this. It really doesn't affect me, but new people or those considering Public Mobile will get frustrated very quickly, not to mention the employees working at the booths in Walmart. If it is the same 10 activation problems, why can't anyone provide a solution.

I really don't think the community would become empty if activation issues are, for the most part, resolved. There will still be people with self-help questions, people with   questions about plan changes, people responding to promotion announcements, etc... It just really irks me that the issues that came up years ago during activation keep happening. 


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

How about this? If a customer is having a serious enough issue, they can contact a mod to see if the "issue" can be escalated to an actual live voice. 


I think if they tinker too much and create a system more like a real service (like Koodo) then really no point on having two. Rogers wins this round and people wanting inexpensive are stuck with either Shaw (until they have a real service) or Chatr. 


No solution to easier our pain until one of the providers decides to become competative. Maybe T-Mobile will hook up with Shaw. Maybe....

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

 If a customer has an activtion error  or oe of the several common ones.  and they then decide to leave.  Would PM refund them?  or is it simply we have your money now deal with our portal issue?

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Retraité / Retired
Retraité / Retired



Thank you for the idea and suggestions. We've created an internal task force that is helping us resolve some of the known issues you've been seeing. In the last few months, we did resolve many system glitches and bugs and are systems today are much more robust than our Beta days.







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