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Launch True Tablet Plans

Launch True Tablet Plans

Most of the Public plans are geared towards pick3 options; in most cases it actually costs more to exclude a feature (eg if you only want talk + data there is no reason to not select txt as well)


The one thing Public has not really bothered with are Tablets & Hotspots


Financially they are always a great sell (since most clients rarely use the data regularily) and creates an easy upgrade cycle to sell larger data add ons for the few who do use it


Most competitors have plans between $5 and $25 per month

Publics lowest cost option is $30 (reduced to $25 if prepay 90 days)



Great idea!

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@kav2001c while I wouldn't make use of it currently, I'm not opposed to the idea.  However, it clearly has to take a back seat to resolving the systematic issues experienced during the current promo plan.  

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90 day 3 GB is $75


6 GB is $84


12 GB is $150


or by 30 day instalments $25, $28, and $50


The 6 GB seems reasonable to me for a tablet plane, even the 12 GB as I know it's 4x the data available at the lowest price.  The problem is the $11 price difference between the first two options.  It's so small, the jump to 12 GB is just crazy.


Before I found PM, I was trying to find a data only setup for my phone, as it's technically the same, phone for tablet.  Unfortunately. The big 3 all refused to sell to me in this fashion.  


Theres a great tablet plan right now wiht Public Mobile, if you also pick text and provincewide calling.  $10 / GB for 12 GB :-).  Hurry, plan goes away in a short few days!

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Personally, I think it's worth exploring.

Also, at least PM has Tethering support

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I don't think they'll be able to offer a better deal than Fido's 3 gb for $15. 

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@theoc198 yeah but that plan is really $25 (since you need to buy a tablet with it)

And Rogers is terrible to always raise prices after promo period (2 years) is up

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@kav2001c I got the plan back in Septermber for $15 without any extra charges/contract/device. They didn't even charge me for the sim card. I'm probably going to cancel it though as I don't use it much since signing up for Public Mobile.

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@theoc198 if so sell it

Trust me someone else will take it off your hands


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Tablet data-only plans are a very good idea. I hope in time PM will offer this. People are hungry for data-only tablet plans, you only have to look at a thread in RedFlagDeals about Fido's relaunched 3GB $15/month tablet plan promo (the thread already has almost 700 replies in less than 2 days!). PM (and Telus/Koodo) are totally missing that hot market. Say what you want about Rogers/Fido, but they gave people what they wanted just in time for the holiday shopping period - smart.

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