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Mayor / Maire

This is something the people at top should comment on

It baffles me how some ideas have +100 bravos and no response from Public (not even a "not at this time" comment) and some have only +5 and get "under consideration" or "approved"


I know Public loves secret metrics and star chamber justice but what exactly queues an idea from this forum up for review?


It obviously has nothing to do with bravos or length of time or number of replies



Well, its up to them to decide if ideas are possible/worth. Ya it has nothing to do with bravos or comments, but it just shows how many users think its a good idea. In the end, its up to them....

For example, Some people suggested to have live chat or phone support. Many users have bravoed and agreed but their moto is online community support only. So, that will not go into consideration.... 

I have only been here for about 3 months, so I don't have the long historical perspective of the long term customers. I have perused the labs section submissions and I generally find that ideas that meet the company modus operandi are adopted or short listed for future considerations. Sometimes it is easy to garner a ton of bravos from pie in the sky suggestions. This should not be a popularity contest but rather genuine suggestions on how to improve the service within the way Public Mobile does business. BTW, do you think I would get over 100 bravos if I put in a labs suggestion to offer free service to every customer on the month of their birthday?
Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

As stated, I'm sure there are many factors such as cost vs. benefit, % of customer base that would benefit, anticipated # of new users that could be attracted, anticipated # of folks that might leave without the suggested feature/change, etc., and all has to be factored into PM's budgets, strategic plans, marketing, etc.  Also recently posted they're looking for a product manager, so maybe this is an underresourced function right now that may pick up steam soon(ish)?


I mostly @kav2001c is asking for is a bit more feedback from PM staff on a more consistent basis.  

Mayor / Maire

To clarify earlier post:


I do NOT think it is a popularity contest and posts with lots of bravos (such as my Ottawa thread *plug*) should automatically be accepted

What I find confusing is that some threads seem to get pushed ahead while others do not


I actually would prefer a "not at this time" then close the idea thread instead of leaving them sitting idle for months