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Facebook/Twitter/Social Media Chat

Facebook/Twitter/Social Media Chat

Hey all!


Since PM doens't have direct access to *611, I think that a direct channel to social media chat or similar service can be made.

It would give the consumer so much more assurance that issue is being taken care of as someone on the other side would respond rather than an automated message.


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Hey @Balanceman, PM mods/staffers are fairly active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Send them a message next time you need help and you will see 🙂
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Thanks for the info.  Would it help if there is a button on PM's mobile page to make it easier for consumers?

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Yes, I suppose they can do a better job of linking their social media pages on their website for greater exposure. PM possibly doesn't advertise the social medial channels here because this community is built exactly for the purpose of customer service and if you are already here, might as well get the help you need here from the mods. Just my guess.

While social media usage is a popular thing these days, I believe that this site should be the principle landing place to do business with Public Mobile.  Placing major focus elsewhere is dilutive to their scarce resources.  This is my 5c worth.


I find the customer service through this site to be extremely efficient.  I have never used the social media service side but agree with william that this should be the main landing spot and location for service.



I agree with all the above, the forums are the best option,its not instant but its pretty good. live chat requires a more involved/substantial customer service, and would likley involve extended waiting for a live agent.  its easier to post and hear from community or a mod.

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I'm sure I had shared a similar thought around live chat a while back and I'm still a bit torn on the topic.


While I believe that it would be nice to have a live contact for "no service" type issues, I no longer feel that this approach fits in to the PM service model.


The forums are not perfect (many other threads talking about issue tracking) but they do get the job done.


My suggestion: keep the forums, make them better, and pass on the live-chat.


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