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Encourage Multiple Accounts

Encourage Multiple Accounts

I'm quite sure that many families have all members on Public Mobile.  That is our situation too.  One improvement that would help me a lot is to have a single log-in for all family accounts and then a menu to choose which account to view and manage.  As it is now, I am often mixing up passwords and then getting locked out.  What do you think?  Can you do this for us?

Mayor / Maire

I do not think this will happen, as the beauty of one account for one SIM card is the no frills, easy to understand way things are done here.  You select what you want for one plan, and away you go.


if you want multiple SIM cards in one account, please go to another carrier, who's system is ready, willing and able to accept this option right away.


PM is no frills, and that is why many of us are here, and have been for a long time.  Some of use have been very fortunate to get plans we love, and won't leave as no one else can provide the same service for the same cost.

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

@Luddite that workaround doesn't really help here.  You still need to remember which variation of the email address is for which account, and associated to which password.  


@jonathanbaylis can I suggest you try a password manager?  Both 1Password and LastPass are very popular.  I myself use LastPass, and here's what it looks like when I use it on the self-serve login page:


LastPass for SelfServe accounts.png


You can see it's listing my two accounts.  I have set the names "PM Self Serve" and "PM 3G Test", but you could use more meaningful names like "My PM Account", "Wife's PM Account", "Little Billy's PM Account" (your ficticious son lol), etc.  Once you click on one, it fills in the user name and password for that account, and Bob's your uncle.

Mayor / Maire

@srlawren I've been using LastPass for years now.  I hate it on mobile as it's difficult for me due to vision, and the awful choices in lack of contrast fonts.  However, much better on the desktop :-

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

@stonechucker sorry to hear about the mobile experience.  😞  It is a bit more hit and miss on mobile, I've found.  Sometimes it refuses to pop up the fill-in helper window and I have to manually copy and paste the info.  Usually restarting the app and/or rebooting fixes it for a period of time.  I've been using it for about 2.5 or 3 years now as well and would definitely be lost without it.


Out of curiosity have you tried any alternatives such as 1Password?  Curious if there's something else that might work better for your particular situation?

Mayor / Maire

@srlawren,  I haven't tried others yet, as I mostly do the same copy paste action you describe.  The active pop up just isn't reliable on Android, as you say, and I have yet to try on my iPad.


interesting tidbit, the extensions for Safari, and Chrome on iOS took me forever to figure out how to use it, but they're actually my preferred LastPass platform at this time, as I am always on my iPad.

Mayor / Maire

I agree there should be multiple accounts 


No idea why forget passwords though, just use same password for every account at Public

No reason to be that worried about someone seeing your profile (just make sure use different password on email account)


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